Unneccessary Garbage

Was catching up watching games from week 5 that I missed and so far I've seen two things that really bug me.

Montreal at Hamilton, last minute, Shea Emry CLEARLY intentiaonally rips Cobourne's hat off. A clear ripping motion. Cobourne gets up and gives him a shove (which I understand the frustration) and gets flagged but Emry gets no call, no fine, no thing. I don't fault the refs for that because the play happens fast, I dodn't see what Emry did until the a different angle replay showed it. But the league can watch every angle it wants as many times as it wants to hand out a fine.

Argos at Esks, first quarter, TJ Hill near the sidelines after the play grabs an Argos by the mask - REMARKABLY similar to Dwight Anderson on Dressler. If Anderson gets fined for that, so should Hill.

I don't recall the play in the Argo game but I definitely remember Emery's cheap tactics. The officials often miss the initiator and only see the retaliation, but the league surely saw it. That play has to be fined.

Maybe they were fined but they weren’t announced or the media didn’t report it.

what constitutes neccessary garbage?

Anything that can't be recycled?

Still early in the week. The league may still be reviewing the weekend. Time yet to announce fines and I suspect that play will get something.

This stuff was from Week 5, actually.

That's right. So no fine for ripping Colbournes helmet off? How do they justify that? Good question fo Mr Higgins.

Indeed, no fine for PURPOSELY ripping Cobourne's helmet off. If you look at the footage, the camera angle is perfectly clear and unblocked, he grabs the bars and as Cobourne is wrapped by another player and falling, Emry makes a very distinct pulling motion with his whole arm.

I heard a preacher swear
I saw a policeman speed
and the doctors are not washing their hands

Guess it didn't happen.