Unload Bauman, Start James

I have been a big support of Bauman but tonite he didn't even have a catch and did nothing.If he isn't going to add anything to this offense, get rid of him.

Dristan James had a big catch and didn't play very much but he looks like a keeper. Need to see more of him.

Handy during hayfever season too. :wink:

Yes, but the offence has sometimes made me want Advil. :slight_smile:

James impressed me when I saw him just keep on going despite Ferri hanging onto him. Good to know we may have depth at WR.

As for Bauman, I think WPG may want to make a trade to bring him in. Maybe once the team considers Carter ready to be put on active roster, Bauman just might be on way out.

Stop posting dumb threads, he hasnt started the year off great but dont get rid of him,look what he did last year.

I think you actually have to throw him the ball before he has a catch.

8) His name is Drisan, NOT Dristan James !!!
  I do agree regarding Bauman, not even 1 pass thrown in  his direction  !!!

  Have they lost all confidence in him as a receiver  ????        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Look, I am a huge Bauman supporter and liked what he did vs BC with his blocking but he is invisible out there on the field. He started tonite and didn't have a catch. He's not getting over.

THAT... and he's a Canuck.

So, you can't put James in without taking a Yank out of some other spot and putting another Canadian in that spot.

So umm what do you call last season? Exactly

This would have been a good post except for those first 4 words.

Last season is last season. He didn't light the league on fire last year.

We accept mediocrity in this city because we have been garbage for so long. I am done with that. If the guy isn't good enough. Get rid of him.

Look at Scott Mitchell. Gonzo!!! Mithcell was way better than Bauman!!!

In the CFL, you have to ask the players, what have you done for me lately? Sorry, Bauman hasn't done much in his whole CFL career. I thought that this was going to be his breakout year.

I love Bauman but sorry, when they don't even throw to him tonite, that speaks volumes. HE CAN'T GET OPEN!

What was most frustrating tonight was Anthoney Calvillo was using the plays we tried and was successfull all trys! Confidence and a healthy team was the difference tonight against Montreal, and as for Bauman he is good receiver and Bruce is a better reciever who wants a new home. I couldnt even see Bauman out there much at all tonight!

Drisan James is good, but most the time its easier to get catches when you're thrown the ball lol...


It's because he's non-import that he's still here. If we could swing a good deal that could possibly bring us a good N/I player and maybe and Import player or a draft pick, well I say go for it. The guys nice and all but we can't tolerate butterfingeritis if we're going to be a grey cup contending team.

Are you High.
Bauman is way better than Mitchell. Bauman is a good young reciever just like PROD who are in similar situations, what do you expect trade him who wants him right now? What would we get?
So do you want to get rid of PROD because there the exact same players right now basically PROD with a few more catches.
This is MTL the best team give him a break, he'll find his rhythm.

Easier to do that when you use your size and actually get open.

Prechae got open.

Prechae caught passes.

Prechae was a threat.

Bauman was not open.

Bauman didn't catch passes.

Bauman wasn't thrown too.

Bauman doesn't look ANYTHING like Prechae. How can you even compare the two? The Eastern rookie of the year vs Bauman?

I think you are high my friend.

Like I said, we accept mediocrity in this city. We latch onto players who couldn't catch on with any other team. We think these guys can become successful but if you are invisible as a 3rd year player and you have been given playing time over those 3 years, sorry dude but it's time for you to move on.