Unlikely Bombers go after Duron Carter - BUT

Big but - if the bombers ignored their clean cut and no problems philosophy then Duron Carter might be the risk best taken - IF the team wants to make a concerted effort for a Grey Cup championship.

Especially if Wesley Dressler is down for any period of time longer than 3 games!

Marvin Thompkins is a good WR, but he's an old NFL cut - aged 29/30 and as we've seen he doesn't like being hit up the middle and his highest gear isn't close to burner speed.

Carter would be a risky proposition, no question. But he'd give Nichols and Streveler a real possession to bomb WR who could inflict damage to most CFL secondaries.

Mike O'Shea is a no-nonsense s-kicker who might take this guy under his wing and turn the shady man-child into a near-man!

If Carter is the difference between a Grey Cup and another year of living futilely - I chose the fungus!

Bombers take him and that makes them hypocrites. Can’t preach a certain brotherhood and work ethic, and then sign a player who is neither.

Every team has a few nutbars. Bombers had undisciplined Westerman for a couple years before dispatching him.

Charles Roberts was no pure kettle of fish.

Nor was Max Hall, Milt Stegall. I'll give you Doug Brown - most compliant man in bomber history.

Sometimes you have to have the odd s-disturber on the roster.

Having a monster target like D Carter means you're instantly better - ON THE FIELD.

If the bombers need to address Dressler's injury they should look to another scrap-heaper - Rob Bagg - who's only 32 and is 3 or 4 inches and 20 to 30 lbs. heavier than Dressler.

Are you trying to say Milt was not a professional? :o Infact out of all those guys, only Charlie could be knocked for his work ethic before gameday, but he also was an introvert whereas Carter loves (craves) the spotlight.
The only recent guy to compare would be Odell, and what did we do with him?

He wouldn't belong here...no chance in hell. About the same chance as Bagg coming back.

Dell Willis was shipped out long before O'Shea's arrival (and Walters)

Milt had a reputation in his early years as a moody & slightly disturbed performer.

He almost took the head off a 5'3" pee-wee reporter for a local TV station when pee-wee asked him was one for the ages!


Speaking of which, what's the knock against Odell Willis? Doesn't he always put out for whatever team he's with (at least on the field), or am I mistaken? Is there a problem with his work ethic at practice or some such thing?


…..Thought he was a gonner but the Bagg came back....signed with the green guys today.....Don't know what to think about that dipping into the past....He 'has been' a solid receiver at one time....but the 'has been' part might apply in a different sense here..We shall see...He might wish in the end he hadn't decided to come back to that mess..

Ya, I LOLed when I saw that link. Good call there Lyle, but I don't think he's going to be very productive at all....do they not have any other options? They must be real desperate!

Great player (like Carter) but there is much more that comes with him. He likes the night life, takes lots of penalties, has a "me" attitude....There was that clip of him in a yelling match with Wally.

Willis's problem was more NFL-failure than anything else.

He was a true tweener - way too slow and lumbering to make it as a TRUE outside linebacker in the NFL and a bit too small and weak to make it on just about any NFL roster as a rush end - he'd be training camp fodder and bowled over with ease if left in for running plays.

In the CFL he's still too slow for linebacker but relatively suited for rush end - where he's obviously no match for any experienced OT - but enough speed to perform perimeter (or spin) routes to the QB.

A player like Carter can really harm the chemistry of a team. If he is sooo good , would he not have already been picked up ? Another factor is that Montreal doesn't want him. I'm glad to see they won't sign him for a 3rd time..... Also he makes spectacular catches and he hovers around 1000 yds a season -OK but averages only 6 TDs a year.

I hear what you're saying Lyle. I'm just more worried that the fungus may be a cancer in disguise. I think we can win without Duron.

I'm trying to remember who we gave a chance to a few years back and it blew up in our face. You always hope for a recovery but more often than not you get a relapse.

I agree Dan that a guy like DC Carter can upset team chemistry and force coaches and management to excessive baby-sitting, temper control counselling and the like

No big loss cuz Carter has tons of awful fungus gunked on and around him!

I'm more sad we didn't make a play on Rob Bagg - and Chris Jones beat us to the punch. Bagg is a bigger, slightly slower version of Dressler - maybe a year older, similar injury history to Weston, etc.

For $40 to $45k for balance of season he would have been a great depth acquisition.

Surprised O'Shea, Walters & McManus didn't consult Dressler & others in terms of Bagg's character, resilience and ability to inhale a new offense in a short period of time.

Sask'n got slightly better by adding Bagg to their mix. We got slightly weaker by losing Dressler for whatever number of games. (Dressler's injuries are usually cloaked as nothing serious but invariably end up taking more than a few games; bombers should have recognized that)

You are right on about Bagg, Lyle. He would have been a great pick up. I wonder if we were the only ones to miss out or did he just want to go home to Regina exclusively and waited for the chance. He may have wanted to help save 'the mess' (as LetsGoBlue calls it ;D). Fat chance of anyone signing him if that's the case.
I think we have enough Canadian talent on receiver if we will only play them. That's how Sask developed Bagg in the first place. We have to play those guys more. Sinopoli is a perfect example.

On Sept 21 Mont comes to Winnipeg. That might the the perfect time to start a bunch of Canadians AND play them. Probably depends on our record at the time.

On another note, Sask sure didn't waste any time scooping up Purifoy. I always thought he was a good player but he has off field baggage too. Seems Sask is willing to plug holes with anyone for the quick fix.

Sinister Chris (Jones) is in full scramble-piggy mode now. The 3-5 record is unacceptable. 3-6 looms with Calgary comin' in - but I suspect the Stamps may use this game as a "rest-game", allowing the riders to slither thru with a "hard fought victory".

Stamps know they've pretty much got 1st in west sewn up - no point going nuts trying to get to 9-0 in first half and suffer a slew of injuries. JUST A THEORY!!

The only tough stuff about a reduced Stamps squad laying down for the riders is their d-line will still be gunning - and the target is none other than Zaccalero, who has a terrible concussion or other injury pipeline!

Oh I agree! I don't understand why the Blue Bombers would not have gone after a character player like Rob Bagg hard. Bad blunder on their part if they did not.

In a similar vein, why don't the Bombers now look at Samuel Giguère?


My main point really is that we may have a better player already in out fold BUT we don't use him. The good teams develop these guys. They throw to them and help make them great. They don't just use them as blockers for an American receiver a la Feoli-Guidino and then dump them when they drop a few in a crunch situation. We and other teams don't develop those guys. A perfect example of how to do it is Sinopoli...You have to put up with the odd drop to make a good receiver. Patience is the key.

…..No to the Bagg boy....Like Carter I wouldn't want him on our club.....he has injury issues and at his age I don't think he'll last very long on a Rider club full of holes...Glad we passed BUT there's also extenuating circumstances regarding Bagg...He was in the middle of a grievance saying that Jonesie and the green guys dumped him and treated him unfairly...Some reports suggest Jones was under obligation to bring him back or pay him, hence the return to riderland ..Seems like quite the mess over there in saskabush...I disagree with Lyle that the stumps will take their foot off the gas.. I think they smell blood in the water and will be only too glad to add another 2 points to their season total and inflict more damage to the struggling riders.....Besides I would like us to be the first one to hand Bo Levi and his gang their first loss...Have to get by Ottawa first however and both teams will be a big challenge

Thanks Papa. I had a feeling there was something else about Bagg.

It should be a good game with Ottawa but we are not Mont. There should be no 487 yard passing game by the RBs.

…...After that pitiful performance last night...scrap the thoughts of beating Cal....This team looks like it's regressing in a hurry...Too much talent to lay an egg like that when it counts..But it seems that's par for the course for this club under Mike O'Shea...Totally inconsistent and that's on this coach....who in my mind is headed for the door just as rapidly as this team's regression