University Spring Training

i was invited by the coaching staff at St. Francis Xavier University to attend this week's camp. after 2 days (2 a day, and today being a 3 a day) i've really expereienced the huge leap it takes from going from highschool to university.. and it is HUGE. STFX look like a solid team.. their strong side linebacker (who lives nextdoor to me) has a good chance at going up in the top 5 rounds at the NFL draft this year, hope he makes it, that would be huge.

just thought i'd share my expereince.. anyone else on thie board had a shot at university before?

No but I know that in London it was a huge leap to go from high school to the Mustangs. I saw guys in high school who were all-stars and barely made the practice roster for the Stangs in some cases, most cases. Universities recruit from all over, not just in the city where they are located, so your up agains't a lot of other people.

Way out of my league at the time and I was a bit above average in high school but certainly no all-star, didn't even try out, and probably best for my health, I would have gotten killed.