University Research

Hello Everyone:

I am conducting preliminary research for university on fans of the CFL.
I would appreciate it, if you could take a few minutes to voluntarily complete the survey at the link below. There is a consent letter at the beginning; no personal information (other than what was asked) will be used in compiling results. ... all-League

Again, this is just the beginning of the research so the questions are pretty basic to get a start on this topic. Provide any feedback/suggestions below on the forum.

Thank you,

Ryan Strang

Your link doesn't work, either directly or by cutting and pasting that URL onto the search field in my browzer. Maybe before you resaerch CFL fans you should research how to insert a hyperlink.

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Thank you just realized the link was faulty.
The one below works:

[url=] ... all-League[/url]