University Research

Hello Everyone:

I am conducting preliminary research for university on fans of the CFL.
I would appreciate it, if you could take a few minutes to voluntarily complete the survey at the link below. There is a consent letter at the beginning; no personal information (other than what was asked) will be used in compiling results.

[url=] ... all-League[/url]

Again, this is just the beginning of the research so the questions are pretty basic to get a start on this topic. Provide any feedback/suggestions below on the forum.

Thank you,

Ryan Strang

If you can walk and talk, you can go to Brock. :wink:

Brock University: undefeated in football since 1964.:thup:

Filled out the survey. Good luck.

Filled out the survey questions. No problem. I hope the student gets something worthwhile out of it. old and recurring problem. When asking about age, he supplies four categories to cover ages 18 to 40.
Then, only one category for those of us aged 41 and over. He must know that we don't die in our 40's, so I can only assume that he believes we lose all interest in sports activities.

AH, this younger generation! But, I diegress.....

Filled it out. Good luck on your study.

Will get to it tomorrow Realistic. Good luck with the research.

I was hoping it was one category for 18-40 lol.

I did the survey. Toronto finshed last as always :wink:

Hmmm.... a number of questions that I didn't "get" and several that asked for opinion either stated as fact OR requiring unsubstantiated guessing.

e.g. - What exactly does this question mean? Does it refer to general online communicative activities or is it in regard to fanboards/team sites, etc.
20. When online, is there any other ways that you may be identified as an everyday fan or the ultimate fan of a particular team? Please comment below.

or this one, which I am presuming is referring to fan activity only (not team activity) on message boards and which might benefit from an "I have no opinion on this" option.
21. From an online perspective, which team would have the most support via mediated communication? Rank from 1 to 8 (1 being high support, 8 being low support).

Overall, an interesting bit of research on mediated communication (which could also have either used a definition for MC or more common wording in the questions).

Enough of the professorial comments from this old academic. I'm just grumpy and stuck in front of my computer today.

Now the encouragement. :slight_smile:

I hope that you share the results. It will be interesting to see fan perceptions on a number of these issues.

~Banshee~, I am assuming that you would like to be placed in the lower part of the 18-40 group.
Shame, Tina. Any knowledgable man will tell you the old truism. "Women, like fine wine, improve with age."

Mark. I don't usually associate you with the word 'grumpy'. Maybe just a bad day, or a minor conflict between academic outlooks. Either way, we all hope his survey yields some positive results. ( It will almost certainly confirm that the Argos are the least popular team in the country.)

Would it be possible to see the results of this survey and the conclusions you've drawn when you're done? It would be very interesting to see.

I filled out the survey and anxiously await the results.

Some interesting questions, but as Mark suggests, some

were ambiguous.

I tried to fill in the survey has honestly as possible, but a "required" question demanded I state which province in Canada I was currently in. Being currently in North Carolina I had to lie and answer Ontario just to submit my answers.

Hopefully one of the things Ryan is trying to learn is how to put together better surveys. :wink:

Thank you everyone for the feedback and participation so far.

I have been taking the feedback in consideration for the future. As I have said this research is preliminary and the first of its kind when it comes to the CFL. I hope one day to take this research to expand and use the suggestions to enhance the results.

The main issue I have come to realize is the lack of definition for mediated communication. From the beginning I didn't include an 'outside of Canada' option, and that was done intentionally. I am conducting this research on a tight deadline, and realize its not perfect.

These 'problems' are not a bad thing for me as they are things I am able to discuss in my research papers - limitations/problems of research and things to work on for future research.

I am surprised as to the number of responses up to this point and appreciate it.

Please continue to provide feedback. Thank you.

Thank you Mr. Young for participating. This is not the first time you have assisted me with school assignments and I appreciate that. Your comments will be taken into consideration for future research.

Thank you to everyone on these forums for their participation. :slight_smile:

Just completed the survey, interesting questions, not the usual in many respects. Good luck with it.

RealisticFan: Are you able to project on when we might see the results of your survey?

I am in the midst of compiling data as we speak.
I was shocked as to the number of respondents, and thank you guys.

By the end of March, latest beginning of April everything will be completed.

Thank you for the interest.