University of Guelph a no go for 2013 home games

I could. :wink:

Well, if the Ticats can't find a new home base for a year, I see only one option left.

Every CFL team gets an extra home game with the Ticats (a few get 2 extra) and perhaps the Ticats get a 75% take on the ticket sales. (25% to the actual host for taking care of all the logistics that each home team always takes care of normally) It might seem to some as a 25 % loss on sales for the Ticats, but if there is no usual game day expense the Ticats have at Ivor Wynne when being the host team, that margin closes.

Yes, it might suck for Ticats fans, but with a little creativity and involvement from the community, Hamilton bars, restaurants and other facilities can ramp up their coverage and promotion of Ticats games during the "homeless" year.

For example, how about a portable "big screen" set up in Gage Park for all home Ticats games with a beer tent and entertainment before and after games ... Stuff like that. At least the fans who might miss not being able to physically go to Ticats games can feel like they are still part of "game day" festivities somewhere.

It's gotta be London.

And what about U of Windsor?

Perhaps market to and draw from some curious Americans for a season?

2,000 permanent seats and capacity for over 10,000 spectators

What about a temporary stadium in Confederation Park? I was down there a few weeks ago and the area that was used for camping is now sitting empty. Perhaps the Pan Am people will absorb the cost, or part of of it? Im sure Chad Collins would allow it if it was only temporary.

Does it have a football field with "field Turf" - that is one of the biggest expenses. Apparently you just can't roll a carpet down on a grass field you have to prepare a site then special ashphalt, special base then field turf - millions.
When you say Pan Am people will absorb the cost - you mean us the taxpayers.
The Pan Am Games authorized money for a 15,000 seat stadium - total of $70 Million that's it, anything above that for an expanded stadium is up to the city and the Ticats and they came up with the remaining Millions for the new stadium on the old site. Total cost $156 Million

Trying to remember here, but as I recall the city was to pay $45m and the province and feds were to kick in $70m for a total of $115m.

And then after all that, the province kicked in an extra $22.5m

You could be right, I was quoting the city stadium report dated jan 2011, which came out after IWS was selected as the final site for the stadium. They were talking about a “shortfall” and how they were going to solve it at that time.

It’s interesting that they also talk about $7 Million for a temporary stadium. I don’t think $7 million will get too much, that’s why the Mac site would have fitted easily into the budget. If the temporary stadium is not going to be in Hamilton does the city still have to put in the $7 million?

No problem. Bob knew only too well this could happen with the IW site. :wink: :wink: :wink:

There is a method in this "so called" madness. :wink: :wink:

Good summary, Ockham.

Agree steve and thanks for pointing out Ockhams post, than you Ockham. :thup:

Much more going on here. :wink: And I will admit, I friggin love it!!! 8)

Operative word from Ockham - idiots. 8)

This is a crazy idea. What if the team forfeits its home games altogether? All games will be done in the opponents' home stadia. When Hamilton gets the "home", it rents the stadium and makes it Hamilton's stadium and the revenues from the game go to Hamilton.

It is hard for the fans, sure. But from the team's business point of view, business is continued. It just the team must rely on the support from the opponents' fan bases.

Why are we still debating which site is best. How can you blame the old Mayor or any politician for choosing the IWS site for a new stadium. It came down to the budget in the end - only one site could be done for the money they had available.

One thing I forgot to mention was the sheer lunacy proposed by many that the new stadium would 'revitalize' any part of Hamilton (or any other city for that matter). If a ten event-25,000 seat stadium could revitalize a local economy Greece would be building hundreds of them with Germany's money. There already is a ten event - 25,000+ stadium in Hamilton's east end - how is the economy there?

Here's my prediction for the 2013 Gypsy Season: Two games in Moncton, maybe one in Quebec City, maybe the LDC in Toronto, the rest in London. TiCats practice at Mac.

London is only an hour drive from Hamilton. I make a similar drive for every game. Some Riders fans drive four hours to Mosaic. TiCats could rent a few buses although that may involve uncontrollable security issues. It might be better if fans organized bus trips (i.e. Box J Boys, Cats Claws)

Of course 2013 will be unusual so that's exactly why TiCats fans need to embrace it and make the best of it. If we use it to rally that old Steeltown fighting spirit it could be fun. Years from now we'll tell the next generation of fans funny stories about traveling to London for home games that crazy season before IWS2 was built.

Oskie Wee Wee 403!

Ockham wrote:

" TiCats practice at Mac."

Since the university’s decision is the cause of all this uncertainty to begin with, I doubt the Tiger cats will be back there next year.

That is, unless ABSOLUTELY necessary!!!

You are probably right, it's too bad for the fans, the Ticats need their fans behind them and they would have had that at Mac. You will drive for an hour to watch the team but how many others will bother. You can't compare Southern Ontario with Saskatchewan, the Riders draw fans within an hours drive of Mosaic. Hamilton has over 8 million people that live within an hours drive of IWS but not many are Ticat fans and they wouldn't drive to IWS to watch a game, so I can't see them driving an hour or so to London. They might be able to arrange a game in Quebec City against the Als which would be well attended. But Moncton is going to be a hard sell for more than one game a year.

The problem when playing in Moncton or London or QC is that the fans in attendance may not be Ticat fans. The other disadvantage is that the team will be paying out for unecessary travel costs, hotels etc when they could have saved that money by staying at Mac.

This has been my thinking since the whole "West Harbour or nothing" stance of Hamilton's previous mayor pretty much revolved around the idea that it could help revitalize the area. I have never understood why people think a stadium will bring business and economic opportunities with it. I don't see a lot of businesses around the SkyDome (unless hot dog carts count), so I don't know why anyone would think there would be spin-off benefits to a new stadium here. It is wishful thinking and not at all realistic.

:thup: I know I will try to travel to as many home games as possible and I'll probably hit the road for a couple as well (going to Moncton last year was a treat and I wouldn't hesitate to go once more). An hour or so drive to London will not stop me from going, and I hope people take on your attitude and don't let it stop them as well.

This won’t become true no matter how many times you repeat it.

Rogers Centre?

Yes, Mike, I'm aware of the negatives as I'm sure everyone else is as well; they're not hard to find. I seriously doubt Bob Young considers the 2013 gypsy reality best case scenario. What I'm proposing is TiCats fans find the positives. I doubt you get to many TiCats games from your residence in Florida so I don't expect you to show up in London.

TiCats marketing dept will certainly come up with a dynamic campaign. Maybe I should trade mark and then sell them "Oskie Wee Wee 403". They could make special car flags so fans can quickly identify each other enroute. London hotels and restaurants will get involved too. Reach out to Western and have one game especially cater to students.

Hopefully TSN will understand Thursday and Friday night games would be more challenging for Hamilton residents to attend games in London.

As we all know, MLB is a different business than the CFL. Eighty one home games versus nine; fifty thousand capacity versus thirty. You get more out-of-towners following their team; staying in hotels and eating in restaurants around a stadium, however, that's it. If a stadium was built in the West Harbour, Hutch's would have expanded, but not much else. Maybe there would have been a few extra hotdog carts along Bay Street serving the frustrated sitting in traffic grid-lock for hours after the game. Sports stadiums don't revitalize economies and neighbourhoods - jobs do.

How about Richardson Stadium in Kingston 10,000 permanent seat with room for at least 10,000 more temp. seats?