University of Guelph a no go for 2013 home games

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time constraints, cost and the logistics of bringing CFL football to a university venue were just too much, said U of G Director of Athletics Tom Kendall.

“Financially, it just didn’t make any sense for us,? Kendall said Wednesday

uh oh!

What if UWO says no?

Shut the team down for a year? Might have been an idea if Ottawa was up and running next year to maintain the 8 team league.

Perhaps it's time, if it's not too late, to re-examine and re-plan WH just as was done for the current IWS site that was initially deemed inadequate. Especially with all the recent talk of relocating the rail yards once the lease expires in 2018. That's gotta be a game changer.

then they have to approach the RC, Moncton, PEPS, etc etc until the Cats find a home for next year.
Not many venues available, especially near Hamilton.

I believe a Western official recently stated they were open to hosting a few games, although nothing concrete as of yet.

Ivor Wynne (see above edit to my post)


If they do re-examine West Harbour, then they should re-examine the other proposed sites as well. Get off this WH thing, it is dead!


Too late. This horse has left the barn, after WH and Aberdeen and East Mountain and...

The Mayor MUST put pressure on McMaster and solve their concerns. I don't buy their position about access to the hospital, local people upset and disruption on campus etc. These problems can be solved we are only talking about 9 games a year.
They can't expect loyal season ticket holders all 15,000 of them to drive to London or Guelph, they won't renew for next year and I can't see people in London or Guelph buying season tickets.

I know this is not a great deal for Hamilton fans. But they may want to consider locating in Moncton for a season and if Moncton takes care of the modifications for 2013 ($) and averages more than 20 000 a game for the season and can get a stadium done up. They get a franchise for whatever qualified buyer for a million dollars. The league may come out of this with a brand new market.

The Ticats REALLY need a home base NEAR home during the season. The players and staff need to be near the team doctor, dentist, specialists (and all their medical records), banks, their own homes/landlords etc. and the team athletic trainers need to have a home base they can set up their training facilities in and can't really live on the road for a year, far from their base of operations.

The logistics of being a travelling road show are monumental.

McMaster would have been the perfect solution which covered all those details. It's a shame all of that fell apart for whatever the reasons are.

And the Tiger-cats have pretty said as much, no? Also the fans.

They'd better secure UWO or Waterloo/Laurier for 2013. It's a tad concerning at this point.

yes, it is disconcerting at this stage.
Can University Stadium in Waterloo be upgraded to CFL standards CK?

I was under the impression the venue/complex is too small to upgrade...I may be incorrect though.

Not sure.

I see they underwent a $5m reno five years ago. Wiki says current capacity is 6,000.

Waterloo's Warrior stadium

Seating capacity: 5,400 (1,400 grandstand, 3,000 sloped grass lawn, 1,000 end zone standing room)

Here's the Coles Notes version: Mayor Fred gave the Tiger Cats one option and one option only. The Tiger Cats studied it and concluded it would be suicide to locate the stadium in the West Harbour. Certain political forces agreed the West Harbour was the only option. The Tiger Cats provided a list of ten alternative sites suitable to long term viability of a municipal stadium (paid for with contributions from outside Hamilton) none of which were the West Harbour or the current Ivor Wynne Stadium site. Due to political gamesmanship a last minute deal was struck to rebuild Ivor Wynne Stadium. This site is not even close to ideal, but it's better that the West Harbour. In rebuilding IWS the Tiger Cats will probably have to play most if not all the 2013 season away from Hamilton. This is the consequence of Mayor Fred and his ideological allies' gamesmanship. Although Mayor Fred was defeated in the subsequent election, the rest of city council was re-instated. So Hamilton residents who are also Tiger Cats customers, if you voted for these clowns to return to office and govern your affairs quit whining when they make idiotic decisions. It's very probable the 2013 season will be outside Hamilton - deal with it, they will be back. As long as you continue returning idiots to political office you get what you deserve.

Scott Mitchell does not the want the mayor to talk to Mac. Not sure why. Sounds pretty immutable.

he Tiger-Cats aren't interested in Mayor Bob Bratina's help in brokering a deal to salvage their move to McMaster, their president said in an interview with CBC Hamilton
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8) The TiCats can't expect any of the present season ticket holders to renew for next season anyway, considering that
  the team won't even play in Hamilton !!

   Part of the deal for season ticket renewals  for this season is that there will be no increase in the renewal price for 
    the 2014 season in the new stadium.

Understandable. If the University does not want them there. It would make for a pretty tough partnership.

thank you I could not have said it better :rockin:

Amen to that brother! :thup: