University Football In Quebec

The Laval football team in Quebec had 18,200 fans at their game last weekend.University football is a great draw in that province.

Thats a great draw!

Should stir the pot again, Could they support a CFL franchise????????

they can.

we (st.fx) hosted saint mary's last weekend, i went to the game, packed in the stadium here, 4,000 strong, i didnt even get into my seat before we scored a td in the first minute of the game, i almost fell over from the noise, sounded like a edit riot!!

bryan pozzobon caught probably the greatest pass in the history of the sport of football! in triple coverage he jumped over 2 db's and reached behind the 3rd's back and caught an underthrown pass and had it snatched between the fingers and helt on when falling down on the guy's back!!!!!
i can't believe easlink television (televising the game on TV) didnt submit it to the score like they would submit the highlights last season, would have easily been play of the week!!

the atmosphere on the weekend was awesome, and looks like it can be another great successfull season in the 'nish!

saint francis xavier 21 saint mary's 19



I come from Ottawa and watch the Blog and all the hype about a team returning here...There are people driving themselves crazy, some here included about it.

Then you look at Laval and the draw, and the Alouettes/McGill and their draw, and you have to ask yourself. Why not Quebec City? Not big stadiums in either city, but a great fan base, and successful university programs (Laval, McGill, Concordia, UQUAM, Bishops). I believe there are great city and highschool programs in Montreal and Quebec City too!

Out East I have to agree they are great football fans, but is anyone going to build a 20,000 seat stadium on the hopes and prayers that they can fill the stadium? Maybe it will be like Regina, or the Packers in Wisconsin, and people will come from hundreds of miles to watch a game.

Thoughts Folks???

Any way to spark that much interest in ontario?

I honestly don't know. I have a 16 year old who plays competitive football here in Ottawa. We watch the Sooners and the Junior Rough Rider games when we can, and the attendance is %#&#$'ing horrible!! Its great football, so are the Ottawa U GeeGees...

I think, at least here in Ottawa and the Valley, folks are just fed up. Face it, we have a Million people living here, and we can't get 20 + thousand in the stadium.. because of what we all know...

your looking for home game attendances for AUS college football in atlantic canada, home game attendances:
SMU: 11,000
STFX: 4,000
ACADIA: 2,500
MTA: 1,500-2,000

on average from these attendances from 4 home games (note 3 of those schools come from towns with 5,000 or less population).
if a PRO football team came to halifax, you can see those 19,000-20,000 fans JUST from those games drive 3 hours or less to halifax for a PRO football game, not to mention, fredericton, moncton, charollettetown, saint john, none of those cities have university football teams, so they get 1,000 people for f*ckin highschool games!!
football is a growing sport in atlantic canada, its almost outgrowing hockey for the #1 in the region, and if halifax gets the CG bid for the 2014 games, a stadium WILL be built, and a team will be there, with ten's of thousands of fans. win or loose in their first season, i can see them averaging between 25-30k a game!

I can only believe your numbers...I've heard great stuff about the fans from "The East".

I posted my message on the Renegade site (being from Ottawa) and asked, if expansion was to happen, then exclude Ottawa. Sure, Quebec City, and possibly a stadium in (not sure) do you think Nova Scotia or New Brunswick? would be the Kick in the Ass the CFL needs??

I can only ask a question to get an answer. Since "The East" isn't Toronto, you know what the CFL head office dimwits are going to say!!

I feel for the Ottawa fan because they have been put into this situation. From a Stamp fan I know what they are thinking. Prior to the Stamps becoming privately owned the Stamps were run to the ground you could put football tickets on the windshield of your car parked close to the stadium and they would not be taken. The fan base was getting lower do to apathy. No one at the time figured you would see a competitive team again. Then private ownership came a long with Flutie and Wally ball. This brought it back to life. Then we hit the box kind years (Feterik) he was a great owner the only problem is he wanted to control the football team on the field as well. The fans did not give up knowing that sooner or later a good ownership group would come in and right the ship. And this did happen! We have a great ownership group together all local business men and two are ex stamps. Ottawa fans have to realize this can happen there as well. The right ownership group hopefully local will come around. Thats hope some of the ex Roughriders will come forward and take part with that ownership. Will it take time to be competitive you bet so hang in there!

A great response, about yes, responsible ownership models. I'd like to agree with you, but having been close to the Ottawa Rough Riders prior to their demise, I don't know if any model will work.

Totally biased and likley sounding irrantional, but I have a silly theory. As long as Larry Smith has anything to do with Montreal, there will be pressure for there not to be a successful team in Ottawa. The market share is too close (Ottawa used to get a great draw from the counties east of the city) and the Quebec side in Hull.

I know, silly, and you can call it too...

Laval is just another example of inadequate stadiums across the country. Half of the people looked like they didn't have seats to sit in. They could draw over 20,000 if they had the seats.

Still, the best college football program in this country by a country mile. Why can't other schools follow suit? I know out here, almost nobody goes to UBC or SFU games, and they get almost no coverage in the media

Dont expect a new stadium here(QC) anytime soon. Our mayor is an old stuborn lady who care much for the walkway where old peeps breack their hips than buiding sport facility. Right now Qc city is rule by the olds for the olds.

Laval have been blamed in the previous year for their excellent program. Hey they were having training camp in Florida during the winter, they were cheating. IMO that was just jealousy. Now others program are regarding it as an exemple. It s just good for football in Canada.

Go Laval Go !

No surprise it's the 2nd sport behind Hockey.

Well QC didn't want to replace the Colisee' for the hockey team either and we all know how that turned out.

I know but that was done with a lousy Canadian Owner who turned his back on the game of hockey.

nah, it was the gov of Quebec, who was ready to separate and be a new country in case the pubic voted to breack away, who didn’t give money to the new owner so he could continue to run the team, w/o more $$$, he had to sell the team, and a group from Colorado bought the team, and the rest is history.