Univ of Tor will probably get the new Pan-Am Games stadium

Wouldn't surprise me in the least although some on this board will completely want this to happen of course, as we know:

Small riptide in Pan Am bid

Hamilton, Toronto may be in a tug of war over who gets new 30,000-seat stadium
[i]Ontario took the first step towards the 2015 Pan Am Games yesterday as it began wooing Pan American Sports Organization delegates in Acapulco.

But there's a small riptide of concern for Hamilton developing. Several sources told The Spectator that a Toronto rival is eyeing the 30,000-seat stadium Hamilton covets for the Games. Apparently the University of Toronto is interested in the facility for soccer and track and field.[/i]...


How does “a small reptide of concern” translate into UofT “probably” getting the stadium?

Earl, all these local people are on our side
and they have a great deal of influence .

Dr. Gene Sutton, a long time I.O.C
member and 'chef de mission,

Dave Braley, businessman and outstanding citizen
know for his generous local charitable donations

and Jagoda Pike, the head of the commitee
who lived and worked here for a time recently

and ran our last bid for the Commonwealth Games.

This should put us in position to be awarded the stadium

to replace ours that was built here in the 1930's
for the Britsh Commonwealth [Empire?] Games.

Local naysayers be damned.

Captain, I was using the term 'probably' because, as we know, Toronto usually gets what it wants when they start asking. And why? Because Toronto will probably, again, be able to put more money into this if they really want a stadium. I would think, just guessing here, that the University of Toronto has a lot more money at it's disposal than McMaster University and the city of Hamilton combined. Well, maybe not combined but you get my point here. It's a huge university, maybe the largest in Canada. Maybe clout is a better word to use, you have to think that the Univ. of Toronto has a lot of clout if they want something.

IF the Games are awarded to Canada (and it's a huge 'if'), the line for a stadium forms to the right. The U of T can get in line with all the rest who will make a claim for the new facility.

An Argo-Cat fan

The Leafs beat Detroit last night so it shows that anything can happen, even the most unpredictable :stuck_out_tongue: .
You are right to worry about the U of T's influence so its time for the Hamilton politicians at all three levels to pull out all the stops if they are serious about being awarded the stadium. I hope Bob and other business leaders are lobbying already.

Yup, it might end up that Hamilton will need a Toskalanian performance in the end from one key person here for Hamilton to get the stadium. :wink:

PS. Please, in no way, assume by the use of the term Toskalanian, am I implying I am a Leafs fan. GO HABS GO! :wink:

Wouldn't it be sad if Hamilton lost out because Mac went ahead and built their own, too-small-for-CFL stadium.

One big problem with the economics of CFL football is that they play a handful of games and need a 30,000 seat stadium to play them in. Logic would dictate that you'd want to partner up with other organizations that need a similar facility to share the cost and make it more viable. Unfortunately the big brains at Mac don't think that way.

If Toronto can make the case that they will use the stadium for CFL football, CIS football, CIS soccer and whatever else, and Hamilton can only guarantee ten CFL games and a place for the seagulls to hide out when it's stormy on the lake then, putting your loyalty to the Ticats aside, who has made a better case for a pile of taxpayer money?

I hope Ron is right - some of the big players in this process are (or should be) stacked in Hamilton's favour - but, as we saw with the Halifax debacle of just a few years ago, you never can tell. I still think that the city of Halifax should be burned to the ground again over that act of piracy.

I can appreciate the people at Mac wanting their own stadium right on campus for their fans that is an appropriate size for their needs 95 percent of the time. Fine. I know Therese Quigley grew up in London where I did and took in many Mustang games at a perfect CIS sized facility, that's fine.

But the optics of this do come across to the average person like myself that is not in the know, so to speak, that McMaster, city of Hamilton, Tiger-Cats are not on the same page. Might not be the case at all, no idea, just optics.

Your Headline is misleading!!
Nowhere does it say the Univ of Tor will probably get the new Pan-Am stadium

They are interested in putting in a proposal. If they are awarded the stadium maybe we could use it as the new home for the Ticats!! It's a bit of a drive but there's plenty of good transportation links to downtown Toronto. The Ticats could still practise in Hamilton and then drive over to TO for the games.
Hey the two New York teams play out in New Jersey and their fans leave New York to attend the games.

Dumb. A joke right.

ITS about time, some Civic pride be shown for Torontos University Football team,s . how about the U F T Bues play the Maruaders, on L.D weekend ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1st_Grey_Cup

Of course the title of the topic is misleading, it was mean't to be, just doing what the newspaper people do half the time to make people read. It was mean't more like "it's the Univ of Toronto in big hogtown Toronto, they'll probably get it if they want it" sort of thing, rather than actually get it absolutely surely. You know what I mean? Maybe a smilie in the topic like :cry: would have been better to add. That is if you can add smilies to a topic title, I don't know?

I know there are downsides to the Cats and Argos sharing a stadium but something halfway between might make sense if it boils down to a real fight for the stadium, if Ontario gets the Pan-Am Games of course. A place where the tailgaiters could be happy, lots of parking and easy Go Train access. Who knows.

Earl: I think we still have the best stadium in the league (and the best fans) for football so if we don't get the new stadium I won't be shedding any tears. Maybe Ivor Wynne will be then be improved and cleaned up instead.
As for playing somewhere else out of the city. I'm afraid that would be a great way to end football in Hamilton...and probably in Toronto too. Oskee Wee Wee's in Milton? No-one would care anymore. Hamilton need the Tiger-Cats in the city just like Niagara Falls needs the Falls.

Hear! Hear! I agree.

I can't resist this!
There's only one way to clean up Ivor Wynne Stadium . . . .

Knock it down and set up a housing project on the site
for welfare recipients. :smiley:

Your kidding right? U of T football is like Ti-Cat football but worse.... a lot worse.

Here is a link to a report on the "Greater Toronto Area" Pan-Am bid in today's edition of the Toronto Sun:

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/news/torontoandgta/2008/10/11/7051191-sun.html]http://www.torontosun.com/news/torontoa ... 1-sun.html[/url]

Didn't the U of T just open a brand spanking new stadium just a a couple years back? It not like its overflowing during U of T football games. Its actually a nice little stadium. If this does in fact happen, then that would mean that Toronto would have built or renovated at least 4 stadiums since Civic Stadium was constructed and then renovated in the early 70's. That's just plain not fair. :thdn: Hamilton's turn has come, and the proposed Pan Am Stadium should go to them.

You Seem to Forget Politics has huge Roll to play in this
The GTA is the Biggest Voting area of Votes in Our Country
So what Toronto wants
Toronto Gets.
Because they Feel they get The Votes later as Payback.

They'll Throw us a Bone and Fix IWS and that it's
Hamilton dose not have Votes to beat out Toronto Ever.
If they a Want a New Stadium U F T will get it.
Hamilton will have live with Fixed up IWS
Wounder How Scott Mitchel Will Feel about this Being a UFT Alumni