Univ. of Calgary Dinos New Coach is CFL's

Tom Higgins (aka Tom Terrific) - - - - the CFL's version of golf's Jim Furyk. Meticulous worker with overall knowledge of GM, coaching, player signing, etc.

Quality man who's low-key & somewhat dour personality blocked him from jobs in Saskatchewan, Wpg. & BC after getting deleted in Montreal.

If Univ. of Calgary can find a silver-tonguer to recruit players (a la Brian Dobie at U of M) Higgins could build a dynasty. At least for the 4 or 5 years he's gonna put in there - or less if a CFL team needs an emergency replacement.

But congrats are in order to Old Tom and the Univ. of Calgary football program. They found a good one.

Ned Flanders

...good hire in TH, he should do fine to CONTINUE a program of excellence...the Dinos have won the Western Division since 2011...

...a dynasty though would work with some consistent Vanier Cup victories...I wouldn't complain....

Where did Jim Nill coach? Or was it Blake Nill?

Is he still coaching CIS or assistant coaching CFL?

Nill was at Calgary until his current job as UBC HC opened up after Jacques Chapdelaine completely screwed the program there and skipped town after one disastrous 2-9 season.

In more ways than one, trust me.

In terms of football knowledge and scheming, Higgins is light years ahead of pretty much every coach in the CIS.

The "play calling" at the CIS level is so laughably basic that anyone implementing even rudimentary pro schemes and play calls will dominate.

Look at everyone's favourite dwarf, Danny Maciocia - - mediocre CFL coach who turned UdM into a national champion in just four years.

What I read was that Higgins was the new DC.

[url=http://calgaryherald.com/sports/football/footballs-calgary-dinos-add-ex-stampeders-head-coach-as-defensive-coordinator]http://calgaryherald.com/sports/footbal ... oordinator[/url]
A familiar face is returning to the McMahon Stadium sidelines.

Tom Higgins, a former Stampeders head coach and linebacker, has joined the University of Calgary Dinos football squad as defensive co-ordinator. He’s no stranger to Dinos coaching, either — Higgins served as a Dinos assistant coach from 1982-84 and was on staff for the team’s Vanier Cup win in 1983.

“We’re very excited to have Tom back with the Dinos,? head coach Wayne Harris said in a media release. “He is an excellent technician of the game and has developed plenty of great talent.?

Higgins patrolled the McMahon gridiron as a player for three seasons with the Canadian Football League’s Stampeders, from 1976-78. In the CFL, he’s also coached the Edmonton Eskimos (2001-04), with whom he won the Grey Cup in 2003, and the Montreal Alouettes (2014-15). From 2008-13, he served as the CFL’s director of officiating.

The team also added longtime Stampeders kicker J.T. Hay as kicking coach and Dinos alumnus Tom Knitter as special teams co-ordinator.

The Dinos, who went undefeated during the regular season in 2015 only to lose to UBC in the Hardy Cup, opens training camp on Sunday.

Yes. While this whole thread seems to assume Higgins is the HC at UofC, he has been added as the DC.

And someone asked where Blake Nill went. He went to UBC and won the Nat. Championship.

Jacques Chapdelaine was never the HC at UBC.

He was HC at Simon Fraser.

Yes, 2 of the biggest know it alls on CFL fan boards wonder why no one takes them seriously.

Lol thank you for clearing that up before I went searching on google, I knew it just didn't sound right.