United Football Leauge

First chance for canadians to see the new up start league on HDNet as I type this. Anyone who had any worries about this league being a threat to the CFL has no worries. The game SCREAMS bush league!!!!

I saw hightlights of the thursday night game in Vegas and no one was there. It looked like the CFLs Las Vegas Posse had a better turn out during their ill fated single season. My prediction....

They UFL doesn't even last one season!

Bigger is better. That's CFL 101.

They have a couple of decent players like Simeon Rice, Tatum Bell, and Michael Pittman.

Actually, I'm kinda enjoying it. I hope the league survives into next year and they expand and I hope they keep expanding and expanding.

If they can get to 10 teams, they should be pretty safe.

It sounds like they are well financed and are expecting slow growth to begin with. They have a game plan which means they will be around for a few seasons…and after that it they get some momentum they may be fine.

Dave Naylor at the Globe said it was well below what the Posse averaged.

i hate to sound like a canadian broken record, but when it comes to professional football, to an american, its NFL or nothing. even in the werld league, the montreal machine was one of the better drawing teams(for a while anyways). it could last a few seasons, but honestly, the presure on an american fan to only love NFL is too great. trendy only for american viewers. we see it up here sometimes as well with the cfl nay sayers. but we are too strong to drink the nfl cool aid. it will probably depend on how the american media precieves it. on espn radio, there is actually some support.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Didn't Baltimore and Shreveport support their teams, in a respectful manner, in a dying league with "Canadian" in the title? lol

The UFL has the benefit of some deep pockets, great connects, and a lot of smart men from the best run league in the world. If anyone stands a chance, its them.

if no one come to see the games, then its doomed though. One can only throw so much money down the drain. Mr. Butthead of the NHL is learning that lesson the hard way.

how were the new rules though?

The only rule change to really make its presence known thus far in the UFL is the 25 second play clock which has given the game a fun pace.

The quality of play is good and I won't be surprised if the crowds actually grow as the season goes on.

This season is really a preview though. The uniforms are only for this year. Some of the rules are only for this year. Next year is the true beginning and I'm really excited by what I see. The level of play is there. Its good football.

You are entitled to your opinion. I don't share it. I am significantly less than excited, from what I saw (3/4 of one game) the level of play isn't there, and it is not, in my opinion, good football.

Too soon to judge for sure, I suppose.

I saw most of the NY/FL game & thought it seemed like run of the mill American-watch-the-paint-dry 4 down ball. The 25 second play clock is nice though. But all & all it was pretty well what I expected. There are so many junk teams floating around the NFL & collage ranks, that the last thing the world needs is another American based league with more garbage teams. The stands were emptier then a mid 1990's Argos game! lol!

Honestly, I'll watch for a while, for the sake of novelty... But it might bet boring really quick.

BTW: I get HDNet, so I can watch about half the games, but what is the Versus channel? Is it available in Canada?

Versus used to be Outdoor Life Network in the US, but when they changed their format to mainly sports the Canadian version had to remain OLN because of it's crtc restrictions.

Ah ha... Thanks!

I agree. Here's an interesting article from an American newspaper.

[url=http://www.newbritainherald.com/articles/2009/10/14/sports/doc4ad6863ac85ec102435446.txt]http://www.newbritainherald.com/article ... 435446.txt[/url]

Yep, that about sums up what I think too. Good for the UFL for trying, but it's going to take a minor miracle for them to survive past 1 or 2 seasons.