United Football League

I agree...I just don't think there is enough population in Canada for a CIS team to match up against an NCAA Div 1 or Div 11 team. Maybe Div 3, but then, whats the point. Its simple demographics...they have 350 million people to our 35 million.

I do think the CIS would fare better against an NAIA team however.

2009 is the 135th anniversary of the McGill - Harvard game (which was the 1st intercollegiate football game played in North America). I would have loved to see an exhibition game matching those 2 teams to really get a feel for how the CIS matches up against a good US football program. Play half with Canadian rules and half with US rules and see what happens.

Sadly, as 2009 is almost done, I guess we won't see that game happen. Maybe the 150th??

Watching the Las Vegas Locos/Florida Tuskers game tonight.

Tuskers are LOADED. They'd beat many NFL teams this season, I think.

Their NFL players include:
Brooks Bollinger/Michael Pittman/Tatum Bell/Jermaine Wiggins/Dexter Jackson(Super Bowl 37 MVP)/Ricky Manning Jr/Taye Biddle (6'1" and runs a 4.19/40 yard sprint)/Odell Thurman/

They're so loaded with NFL talent.

Crowd looks healthier this week. They might be pulling in around 20,000 fans this week.

too bad that talent is gonna be wasted.

Even more sad is the fact that Harvard isn't known for it's football anymore so that wouldn't be a good measuring stick.

Attendance numbers:

[url=http://bleacherreport.com/articles/271968-will-atrocious-first-week-attendance-numbers-sink-the-ufl]http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2719 ... nk-the-ufl[/url] [url=http://www.newbritainherald.com/articles/2009/10/14/sports/doc4ad6863ac85ec102435446.txt]http://www.newbritainherald.com/article ... 435446.txt[/url]

The Sentinels vs. Redwoods game is streaming live at ufl-football.com.

Argonot Mike McMahon just threw a TD pass for the game's first score.

Tuskers bring UFL football to the Trop

Would love to see some of those guys come north of the border to play in the CFL. Especially Tatum Bell, Manning Jr. and Odell Thurman.

Tuskers got another decent NFL talent...Former Panthers WR Keary Colbert. :o

As if the Tuskers needed the extra help!

Someone has money to burn.

It'd be nice to see the Florida Tuskers vs the Tampa Bay Buccs

I seriously think the Tuskers could beat the Buccs now.

Just happened to put on VS channel today to see if they had an NHL game on, but the had a New York-California UFL game, the one shot of the crowd that they allowed on the screen was through the endzone on a field goal attempt and there were maybe 5 people there in a sea of empty red seats. The crowd noise was non existant. Read that only 1 of the teams will play all of their home games in the same stadium. Not sure how this league can survive like. If you're gonna watch 4-down football you're better off watching NCAA or NFL I think.

and Montreal can't? :roll:

did i read that right? Mike M. from the argos is playing the ufl as a starter? that guy isnt good enough to bring Water to A.C.