United Football League

Florida Tuskers.

If you like football then chances are that you're enjoying tonight's game. VERSUS is very good at presenting this product.

He might have meant the amount of money Versus paid for TV rights (which was $70 million over 2 years). Actually, the UFL claims Versus does reach even more. Here is a direct quote "Versus reachesat least 75,000,000 viewers and some estimates have placed their audience at higher than 90,000,000"

There is a UFl game broadcast tomorrow on HDNet, channel 218 on Shaw. New York at Florida, 5pm MT.

It would be good to see the ufl vs the cfl in a allstar game like the cfl vs ufl champions too see a decent game by any rules

Yes, I agree.

Also, WTF at Florida's runningbacks. Tatum Bell and Michael Pittman? That'd be a great running duo in the NFL.....

Also, pretty surprised to see Simeon Rice in this league.

Both games have been good to watch but this league would have been better off to play in the Spring. Their two games this season have been on at the same time as Florida vs LSU, Michigan vs. Iowa, Nebraska vs. Missouri, and Texas vs. Colorado. Not to mention, baseball playoffs, basketball starting, NFL, CFL and hockey...

Why not play in the Spring when its just baseball's regular season and basketball?

don't forget the NHL playoffs in there too.

too bad I couldn't see the opening, I have direct TV :cry:

oh well, the game in Hartford is what I;m interested in, maybe I can find it online somewhere.

BTW, UFL doesn't want to play the CFL, they get beaten more that the bills did back in the 60's against the Tiger-Cats.

Haha, mmm...I doubt that.

Remember, an all- american team did take home the grey cup once.

You can watch all the games on UFL-football.com

thank you for that, I’ll look into it.

That Florida running game I hear is something some NFL teams would kill for, but I doubt that they can beat a great team like Montreal, whose defense and offense one would debate is equal to that of a mid level NFL team.

Montreal could definitely take NFL teams.

And it took them only 2 years too win it

They couldn't defeat the elite teams, like the Pats, Colts (unless it's CFL rules, because that would IMHO be a real handicap for Payton "Mr. control the clock" Manning), etc. but they could hold there own against medium teams like the Falcons, and would beat the bottom of the barrel ones like the Browns or the Jags.


Bills, Browns, Raiders would get wrecked. I can't remember such a disparity in the NFL. The bad teams are sooooo bad this year.

There are several teams that really should go without a win this year. They look that bad.

Where's that salary cap? Doesn't seem like it's been enforced much does it?

Montreal doesnt have the players too beat any NFL team.To be serious AC at qb is a mess waiting too happen.Thats like saying LAVAL could beat a ALABAMA or OHIO STATE.There is a big difference between nfl and cfl and its the skilled players.Really I watch alot of football and theres a reason I dont see montreal even beating THE CLEVELAND BROWNS.The browns sorry as they are have more skilled players than montreal.Cleveland defense of line would be too much for montreal and ac doesnt have the wideouts too throw too.Alot of montreals team couldnt make the browns roster even ac at qb.Sorry thats honest answer

excuses, excuses, excuses...

Montreal has a solid team, more than the browns, they could take the browns out, end of story.

and Laval cant beat Florida, and could hold their own against Alabama or Ohio State, but I beat they could beat half the teams in the NCAA, like this year's Georgia Bulldogs for example, or Georgia Tech, KSU, etc.

To be honest LAVAL couldnt beat a team from the SUN BELT confernce but to say they could beat a Big ten or SEC TEAM IS DUMB.They donthave the skilled players too play in space with ncaa teams.Montreal couldnt beat the browns they dont have the skilled players too compete AC montreal qb couldnt make the browns roster.Montreal would half to play a zone defense too compete because the lack of skilled players.The stronger browns and faster browns would beat them very easy.The blitz packages would confuse him because the lack of good wide outs

whatever :roll:

we will never know, because no of those matches will happen. The CFL/CIS has nothing to lose and everything to gain, the NFL/NCAA has everything to lose and nothing to gain.

I wish the opportunity for the Canadian leagues to prove there worth would happen, but its nothing more than a pipe dream. At least one can rest on the belief that the rules of them are better IMHO.

realize you are arguing with someone who types this

it's defensive 'bro

Montreal is a very small team.They have no wide-out who starts who is over six foot tall.I just dont see the depth too compete against a bigger faster Cleveland Browns team.I'm a BROWNS fan and sorry as they are I know reality.I dont see anybody on the Montreal offense of line that could handle shawn rogers.I'm not saying it too be mean but Cleveland has alot of good skilled players