United Football League

I was wondering if anyone would express any support for the United Football League


I guess the problem with the UFL ,if it does make a go of it (and it looks better than most at this stage) is the $20 million salary cap which would significantly effect the imports playing in Canada. I guess it's the same effect as the NFL expanding, top US players in Canada would seek work back home for more money. Now if there was to be a Continental Bowl or something like that played, bringing some excitement and some tv revenues etc. it might be something worth looking at. For a championship like that, I'd be talking about a home and home series...canadian rules in Canada and US rules in the United States.

I hope the UNGL lasts just as long as UFL so that players are being developed, because that's what the CFL will need. Good imports(Americans) who slipped through the cracks and would normally have gone on to other things, but after being given the chance and a little more development emerge as a quality professional football player....for the CFL.

Likewise what we need in addition to an improved Canadian college system, it would be nice to also have a Canadian developmental league, to develop Canadian talent.

I support any football that isn't played in an arena.

United Football League Announces Former NFL Coaches Jim Fassel, Dennis Green, Jim Haslett & Ted Cottrell as Head Coaches for UFL PREMIERE Season

UFL Announces Games To Be Televised Live on VERSUS

Agree, the arena ball just isn't the same as on the field football.

Jim Fassel, Dennis Green, theres an All-Star cast! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

I think the Vegas bet is, will they last Longer or Shorter than the XFL?

Do we really need another football league? Seriously... how many garbage teams are there in the NFL right now? Why not support one of them instead of trying to create another league?

You wouldn't be talking about the Detroit Lionesses could you? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Among many others. :lol:

I doubt the UFL has a $20 million salary cap...perhaps in their dreams. There are only 4 teams and the season runs from October to Thanksgiving weekend (U.S. I would guess). I think they are playing only 6 or 7 games, with a $20 ticket price. Even if they attract 20,000 fans, they could only pay their players about $5,000 a season (with half the games supposedly to be played at neutral sites?) I would imagine the league would sign all the players and assign them to the various teams, with the league also owning all the teams.

The league would have to own all the teams or they wouldnt be announcing the coaches for each franchise at the same time on a league website.

Here's this week's Q&A with the commissioner.

This initial season they are expecting a total labour costs for all teams will be $16 million. However they are proposing for a salary cap between $12 million and $20 million per team with a $3 million dollar cap for staffing.

Well, assuming they spend $4M on payroll for all 4 teams with a 50-man roster, that adds up to US$80,000 avg. salary…for only 7 games that is a whole bunch of money. They must be very, very good players they hope to sign. Over an 18-game season that is +$200,000…about triple the avg. CFL salary.

But I don’t see how they could generate enough revenue in 7 games to pay those salaries. I doubt the Versus TV deal pays them one cent. More likely they are “buying time” on the network and hope to sell their own advertising.

I give the league only a 20% chance of ever playing a game.

I think their 16 million dollar figure also includes the coaching staffs and the staff required for the 3 week training camp that they are putting together. With the coaches they have added I would give it a better shot than the 20% you've got. I hope to see all of the new leagues at least get the first kickoff into the air.

Here's this week's Q&A with the league COO.

Every time I read UFL, I keep thinking about the UHL (United Hockey League), which had so many teams shifting around the were nick-named the U-Haul League!:slight_smile:

there is a market for a spring league in the usa and canada.If they do Fall it wont work but a spring football league with about 12 teams would fill the void until fall.

No, unless it was a CFL2 scenario.