United Football League To Start in October, 2009

According to this article in today's Winnipeg Free Press, the United Football League, which is scheduled to commence play this October, has established its game rules but the teams have yet to begin filling their player rosters.

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/New-professional-football-league-to-have-some-different-rules-50239447.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 39447.html[/url]

The UFL will start with four teams in 2009:
Las Vegas (Head Coach: Jim Fassel)
New York (Head Coach: Ted Cottrell)
Orlando (Head Coach: Jim Haslett)
San Francisco (Head Coach: Dennis Green)

Some games may also be played in the Hartford, Los Angeles and Sacramento markets during the 2009 season. The first regular season game will be in October, 2009 and the Championship Game will be played on Thanksgiving Weekend in late November, 2009. It is expected that the league will have 6 to 8 teams in 2010.

Here is the link to the UFL website:


This league is going to go the way of the XFL. Four teams?!?! C'mon. Plans to play games in other markets? So their season I'd imagine wouldn't be very long to begin with... and now you're taking home games away from them?

This league will be BAD. Rrrreally bad!

I'm doubting we'll get to see much of this up here anyway, but if it's on tv I'll watch it.
It's supposed to start this fall and they don't even have team names or logos yet (at least nowhere i can find on the website).

Crayons will be distributed to kids as part of the NFL's "Play 60" initiative. My hope is that the Orlando logo will feature "Dawn" of "Tony Orlando and Dawn" fame. :wink:


Tie a yellow ribbon...

No chance at all it won't get off the ground regardless of what they say.
In this economy and the previous failures, forget about it.