UNINTERRUPTED Canada announces 'RIVALRIES: THE QEW SERIES' in partnership with CFL, Bell Media, OK Tire

TORONTO β€” Athlete empowerment brand UNINTERRUPTED Canada, the Canadian Football League (CFL), Bell Media and OK Tire announced on Thursday the production of a new feature documentary, RIVALRIES: THE QEW SERIES, chronicling the longstanding rivalry between the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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Sounds great, back years ago late 60's there was CFL illustrated, good stories and such.

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Was that the "program" magazine sold at the stadium pregame?

Interesting. Here's a bit about Uninterrupted Canada:

Anything the league can do to get more publicity for its athletes will be a good thing.


I believe so, yes can only get at the stadium. Was Old Empire at that time. Would be a boost on so many rivalries. For me back then it was Calgary vs Saskatchewan.

Sounds wonderful, and to think there was serious talk about going to 4 downs SMH

It’s great that they are doing this, but why on earth would they pick Toronto as one of the showcase teams? Aiming for low ratings?

Yeah, now that I think of it I believe it was the same program sold in every CFL stadium with an insert in the centre with the lineups from the two teams playing...

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The Spectator had a article in the 90,s about fans taking the train and faery boat before the automobile from Toronto to Hamilton and V V , rivalry goes back 75 years before the CFL amalgamated in the 50,s