Seeing old pictures today of Warren Moon with Edmonton made me realize that Edmonton has not changed their uniforms ever. (okay I know they have brutal gold shirts once in a while and they tried the green/green & white/white thing but their green/gold home uniforms remain)
Q: I wonder why they haven't updated their uniforms and changed their logo to generate sales and get the kids attention just like Hamilton?
A: Edmonton is all about tradition. Why would they change for the sake of change? They are, after all, the model franchise in the CFL

My point is: bring back the traditional gold pants for Hamilton. These white/white and black/black uniforms are the worst in the entire league.

The answer is a lot simpler than people think.

Edmonton has had a solid fan base for as long as I can remember.

Hamilton on the other hand has not. You personally might not like the look of the uniforms as may alot of others who post here. However of the 27,000 people we average at a football how many of them love the new look and new logo and as such are now buying Tiger Cat hats, shirts, jerseys, and jackets.

This team needed to do something to draw a bigger fan base and come up with something that more people would buy because I'm sure merchandise sales before Bob Young were horrid.

Reebok, IMO has done a great job with the NFL, NBA, NHL and the CFL.

I love all of the jerseys in the CFL now. If you look back there aren't many teams that haven't altered logos at some point. Those that haven't generally are those with basic letter logos and a huge fan base which we are now building.