what with all the retro unis and third unis and special events unis, I am having trouble remembering what all the normal uniforms look like.

Winnipeg and Saskatchewan have fantastic retro's, they should be the full time one's. Hamilton's I didn't like, but much like the one's the Riders wore a few seasons back, they had historical significance and I can respect that.

Yes, I agree, Winnipeg should wear these all the time (as 3rd jerseys, though I wouldn't mind if they went back to them permanently), the thing that kinda bugged me was that Reebok couldn't keep the sleeve stripes consistent on the jerseys, half the players had wide gold stripes (they way it's supposed to be) and the other half had a white wide stripe (with the smaller outer stripes gold, not sure how they could mess it up like that, weird). :?

Without Question, the greatest uniform in CFL history is the 67-74 Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The current Hamilton away jersey is practically the same jersey with the colors inverted.

Anyways, this might help.

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Canadian_Football_League_uniforms]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:C ... e_uniforms[/url]

BC's metal black is the best with the previously seen paw helmet.

I prefer 'classic' looks:
Riders retro/labour day/ playoff uniforms
Bombers retro uniforms from 2010 season. Similar to today's without white V neck.
Current argos uniforms
Current lions uniforms
Stamps' retro 70's uniforms from 2009?
Current Eskimo home unis - need to fix road uniforms
Current als uniforms
Current tabbies uniforms, but add white sleeves to home jerseys
Classic RR uniforms for redblacks.

As far as UNIFORMS go, BC's third ones are the worst, it seems they were made to boost sales of jerseys as they were made to look "cool" to the younger crowd. I think the CFL should think about bringing in a rule that any jerseys worn on the field must have the numbers CLEARLY visible. Black numbers on a black jersey with an orange outline isn't clear enough (even the BC coaches said that they had trouble telling who was who at times when looking at the film)

I think all teams should go with some kind of retro look for their 3rd jerseys. If they want to make "cool" looking jerseys just for sale to the general public, wouldn't matter how crazy they look, as long as they aren't worn on the field (and this isn't really far fetched as some may think, some teams sell hockey style jerseys with their team's logo no it, and were obviously not worn in any game situation)

AKA, go back to the 60's jersey's

Sure. It's the classic tiger-cats look. Probably the same look from the 60's through the 80's.

My two favourite uniforms from the past month have been the Argos from their game against Calgary back in August and the Bombers uniforms from the Banjo Bowl today. That probably dates me better than Carbon 14 ever could.

Funny thing is, I'd never seen those uniforms in colour before this season. Back in the day, I was a poor student watching on a black & white portable TV. These days I'm watching the ESPN3 stream on a laptop with a bigger display than the one on that old portable.






Fair enough. I will say though, the 90s Tiger-Cats jerseys were still pretty slick for the time, and there wasn’t anything wrong with the 2000s ones, they just weren’t as good as the 60s ones.

Anyways, I get why the team didn’t opt to go that route, because the newer leaping Tiger logo which is now more gold and bright, which makes it stand out far more on Black then white. The old logo which was more mixed gold/black worked out better on white. I also don’t think doing the numbers on the sleeve and having the updated tiger heads on the shoulders would work out. I like our 2010s the way they are, and hope the team doesn’t consider and black on black like those ugly BC ones. I’m all for a yellow alt with black or white numbers.

I was always partial to our yellow alternates, because of the slight red trim on the numbers. Here would be an updated one with the more recent stripe pattern.


That was a cool link :thup: I wish the Eskimos would try something, over the years they haven't change their uniforms much.

Yeh, how silly to design a uniform that appeals to the segment of the population most needed to ensure the future survival of the team. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, the rule is "Each player shall be conspicuously numbered on the front and back of the jersey, and on the upper arms or shoulders." The definition of "conspicuously" does seem a bit stretched in the case of the Lions 3rd jersey and I wouldn't be surprised if that leads to an adjustment next year so that yet another version of the jersey can be sold.

And, yes, uniform designs are there as part of the entire package of marketing and selling the team, including merchandise.

It's kinda a sad fact that it's hard to get creative with Yellow and Green. I mean look at the Packers. They haven't had a uniform change in years!


I hate to say it, but the Green, Yellow and White color scheme doesn't lend itself towards a lot of options. Yellow as the primary color doesn't often work unless you have a LOT of dark contrast to go with it, and even then it rubs some people wrong. The other issue is not having an alternate/flexible logo also sorta hurts things, and it's not an easy task to design a new one. I mean, it's not exactly easy to convey something you'd associate with Eskimos with Green, Yellow and White (lest we forget the Polar Bear logo).

As far as I am aware, only the Oakland A's, the Green Bay Packers, the Edmonton Eskimos and sorta the Boston Celtics uses this colour scheme, and all of these teams focus on their history and NOT changing things up, I would assume for just that reason.

I've never been a fan of the random nature of 3rd uniform usage. However, I like the variety of seeing different uniforms; variety is the spice of life.

If I were running the league, I'd have each team have two complete home and away uniform sets. I'd have teams wear retro style unis for games against division rivals and a more modern interpretation (see the Lions new unis) for games against the other division. Hopefully, this would increase interest and attendance for those inter-divisional games . . . and I'd know right away by the uniforms which divisions were playing.

Winnipeg's retro uniforms were f'd up. Most of the guys had (accurate) gold sleeve bands trimmed with white, but several guys had (inaccurate) white sleeve bands trimmed with gold. Looks totally pop warner when not everyone looks the same.

Somebody please tell me how the hell Reebok screwed that up? No excuse for that. :thdn:

I'm pretty much in favour of any of the designs from the 60s and 70s, but that's probably because that's when we got colour tv (1972). Calgary's design during the Barrett/Flutie era was good; so were the Argos 80s unis with the argo boat on the helmet. Some of the new designs (Calgary's red/black home and black/white/red road designs) and Edmonton's road colour combo just seem ridiculous. I'd like to see more thought and creativity go into some of the helmet logos as well; Toronto and Winnipeg are just dull.