Can we adopt a uniform on a permanent basis with classical elements from the 60s, 70s & 80s not unlike the retro unis we wore three times this year? They are so much sharper than the McReebokUniforms we've worn since 2005. The current outfits however are still an improvement over the uniforms worn between 1998 and 2004 but we can do better. A regular classical uniform seems to be working quite nicely for the BC Lions as it has also for the Colts and Jets down south.

It probably won't happen because the CFL has to milk these retro games for a few more years yet. This year is going to be the 70s which I don't see how they can differentiate from the 60s retro uniforms worn this year with modern equipment other than to replace the 'TC' decals on the helmets with the classic leaping tiger.

The 2011 season should see retro 80s week, I wonder if they'll bother with a retro 90s week in 2012? I mean the Ti-Cats uniform just got bad after 1997 and worse into the 2000s. They went from tiger head shoulders, gold pants with a black stripe and a flat black helmet with a gold stripe in 1998 to the all black uniform in 2003 with the triangle gold dart on the pants and stripeless eggshell textured black helmet which looked brown if the sun hit it at a certain angle. Did the previous owners not have enough money for a stripe on the helmet? No wonder we went 1-17.

Anyways, once the league has exhausted its eras for its retro weeks, perhaps the Cats should adopt a sharper, more classical uniform going forward. It would be a nice touch once we're into our new stadium.

I am fine with what we have now
a Uniform Change IMO is used a Marketing Ploy to get Fans to part with There money.
What we have is fine … The CFL Brings out every season a new Reto Jersery
so we don’t need to this IMO

You will never make everyone happy with a Uniform Change anyway
so Say with what we have.

For the '70's Retro games, perhaps the Cats will wear white this year. Otherwise, whatever change they might make to the 60's Retro's worn last season would hardly be noticed. One thing, hopefully, would be putting the secondary numbers on the upper arm, rather than on the top of the shoulder, as they should have been on the '60's Retros too. Throughout the decade of the '70's I believe the only change in jerseys was made for '75 through '79, when the full arm length sleeve of stripes was dropped in favour of the shorter striped sleeve to just above the elbow. Also when that change was made, there was a shift to silk-screened numbers, plain black on the white jersey, and plain gold (orangy yellow) on the black. Prior to '75, black numbers were outlined in gold and gold numbers were outlined with white. I believe the league deal with Reebok calls for redesigning for all teams for the 2012 season.

Oh they're still doing retro? Hooray. Three times isn't overkill at all, eh? There's nothing like turning back the hands of time and progress.

I've had quite enough of the retro uni in every sport. if they just did it on a special occasion, ten year anniversary of something, it would be alright. I don't get the appeal anyway, are people that bored of the game they're watching that it will only interest them if their team shows up in a different jersey.

It would be nice, but the modern football jersey doesn't have much if any sleeve anymore. The 'retro' uniforms seek to emmulate the look of the old sweaters in the context of the modern jersey. Teams won't forfeit the advantages in performance and safety of the modern jersey to wear an authentic retro sweater. So any features that would have been on a sleeve in the 60s or 70s will be found on the shoulder of the 'retro' outfits of today.

True. This points out how difficult it is, for the Ti-Cats of all CFL teams, to come up with a good design for retro jerseys since the most striking/different/unique feature of theirs for over 30 years (mid '60's - late '90's) was the sleeves.

I agree completely. I love the retro-unis (once a year) but it's starting to look silly now that all football teams look more like track teams.