als need to ditch those ugly black uniforms.completely depriving montreal tradition.stick to red white and blue


i hope the als aren't going to wear these ugly black uniforms at the big o this weekend.also lets hope fore a better effort. als all the way

Im expecting the Als playoff experience to get them to Toronto for the Cup.

willing to put any money on that?

Probably a minority here, but I like the black uniforms.

The way both of our lines have been playing. I think latex unis and feathers would be the best way to go :slight_smile:

agreed 110%, stick to a simple home and away design, home sohuld be red-white-blue,
away should be white-blue.

A sharper contrast will render greater clarity. You need a hot color (Florescent white, Neon yellow, Halloween orange, Passionate red, etc.),to identify your players. If you wear that smudge of black on blue today, you are dead in the water. :roll:

black uniforms suck we need to get hold of the alouettes and demand they get rid of them.just not montreal colors.red white and blue all the way

A real marketing blunder. You guys don't get it. Montreal has always been a red white and blue town. Forget it. It isn't going to work. You aren't going to get us to but more caps & shirts by chnaging it to black.

i agree with that one