Uniform request

I wish the Als would wear these all of the time:


I like the others but this one is my favorite.


Those are nice!

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I believe the Buffalo Bills bought up all the old Alouette uniforms and sewn Bill patches on them

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Yes. These are the best ones, no question,,, that helmet logo is brilliant

Totally agree. My fav Als uni for sure.

That's my favourite Allouettes look next to the current one.

I remember that game. Durant and Calvillo going toe to toe, slinging it up and down the field. My buddy used to bring his satellite dish to tailgates with a generator and we would watch the eastern game in the parking lot before the Lions played. Watched that game at the tailgate in Vancouver. Montreal won by a TD. Fabulous game.

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Bien que l’uniforme soit bien, c’est du passé. Je préfère de beaucoup l’uniforme actuel. C’est une question de goût.

Yes, these are my favorite too.

Le dernier uniforme ressemble à un oiseau mort (roadkill) a été giflé sur le casque.

As a Bills fan since 1961, I can tell you that while the color scheme is the same, it came in with the 1962 season. Prior to that, the Bills basically wore a Detroit Lions color scheme because that is where Ralph Wilson is from. I, too love this Als uniform and agree that the logo is absolutely brilliant, but differences in the Bills and Als jerseys is where they separate. I love the dramatic white shoulder stripe as a separation of the blue and red parts of the jersey. It seems so French. The true Bills uniform emerged for the 1964 season and was worn during the true championship days. When they moved to the new stadium, they adopted the helmet design of a blue Buffalo with a red slash to represent their great running game with OJ Simpson. The jersey has remained largely the same except for their brief dalliance with a dark blue and a Tennessee North style jersey. We all hated it. Anyway, I am finishing my 49th year as a Bills season ticket holder and still wish for a standing red Buffalo on the helmet but that will likely not come to pass. Happy New Year.


How about this vintage Als helmet from it looks to be 1950.

This comes from Andy Malycky and his very interesting Collecting Canadian Football site.


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Anyone think we should bring back the 1949 pants?

Oh no. How did the teams get away with that?

Best Als uniforms ever


It looks good for tv viewers.

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Yep, my favorite Als logo :+1:

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