uniform change is in order

This is how the BC Lion uniform should look like!:


If any changes are made it could/may be from the old days from the mid 60's which was Orange/White trim on Black. No to the above post by EZ.

I agree with backer

In complete agreement with you backer@oldclarke!

EZ~ not meaning to offend but those uniforms on the picture look too pale, too washed out for my liking. Sorry. :frowning:

It's a summer-time uniform!

I think the leos should go with the Raiders look. They were close to it once, and I liked it.

I still think it has that faded washed out look EZ, summer-time or not. There was one uniform that I disliked very much because the colors looked almost red. There was nothing orange about them. I hope we never return to it.

White helmets, orange jerseys and white pants? WOW, what a drastic difference from what we have now, way to think outside the box. And straight up copying an NFL team? How could they not do it???

Personally, I like those 1970s jerseys they wore last year. I wouldn’t want an exact copy, but something similar would be cool. I’d like to see more black and orange in the uniforms and less white.


I remember that look FYB but I can't find anything on it. If I remember correctly they wore base black with silver/orange trim with a silverish helmet? In the link I liked that look.

Is the above photo what u guys were thinking or below? Some old card I have.

The top card (Bob Howes) is what I like best but couldn't find a link. My first game at Old Empire Stadium had these uni's; Bob Howes was another great player who eventually played with the Eskimos back then.

One question.


If we were talking the infamous Canucks giant halloween "V" uniform I could see a discussion but to what end is a uniform change?

Here is a guy who was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame.

I like the uniform doug flutie wore.

I like what the 94 lions wore.

I have the 94 team poster on wood, but sadly, Darren didnt make it.

some I found

[url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/heritagesportsart/sets/72157626599416844/detail/]http://www.flickr.com/photos/heritagesp ... 44/detail/[/url]

I think you may have missed the point here; there is no uni change; There is also a thread by EZ in the Rider forum and the answer is no there also. Further more robsawatsk , there are a few of us that like to disscuss the old uni and the memories of the old times. As for your One Question;
Why? = irrelevant

I think you missed the point. The thread title is "uniform change is in order", which any sane person would interpret as being a SUGGESTION that the uniform should be changed. My questions stands - why? to what end?

"One question.
If we were talking the infamous Canucks giant halloween "V" uniform I could see a discussion but to what end is a uniform change?" by Robsawatsky

I think he only suggested it to have a little open discussion and to express a personal preference.

Good point about those infamous halloween V jerseys. Gosh they were pathetic. But some people really liked them. Just like EZ likes the uni he posted.

It's tough getting it right when it comes to uniforms. I've seen some awful Bomber uniforms and some great ones. Not all of the Lions uniforms where stellar either. With the new HD signals and huge flat screen monitors the colors should be brilliant, never washed out.

Calgary got it right. The brilliant green turf and their end zones make for brilliant colors at the game and for TV viewing. In contrast I remember the lousy turf color the Lions were using. It was the ugliest washed out green I'd ever seen. Then they changed it to a more palatable darker richer green with brighter white lines. It was an improvement but still it could be even better.

Next season there will be some kind of Uniform change for all teams. Of what nature, not sure. Otherwise nothing personal robsawsatsky and all is good. Cheers

I totally loved those V uniform. Second favorite was the skate with the same colours. :thup: :thup: