Uniform adverstising.

Tim Hortons on Tiger-Cat jerseys now. Might hey buy the naming rights to the stadium?

No more RONA patches on the other teams as well as the tabbies. Wonder why? and why no other?



Rona is no longer a Corp. league sponsor, Rona is hurting, they have closed several stores !

Looking at the photos CaptainKirk provided and can't help but make a couple of comments unrelated to uniform advertising,
Nice shorts BC 45!
And, how will Ottawa ever outdo Calgary's RedBlacks?

And lastly for this week...

Rona is having trouble ... stock flat last 12 months. CTC up 20%. LOW up 50%. HD up 50%.

RON spent too much in consolidating small Mom & Pop Hardware stores in the smaller areas and didn't secure product pipelines and distribution efficiencies.

But I digress ... I did find the new uniform sponsors intersting. Was PokerStars & MTL there last year?

Is ScotiaBank anywhere?

Looking at 2012 pics, looks like no sponsor for MTL until the playoffs when they wore a SUN LIFE patch




Montreal - PokerStars
Toronto - Nissan
Hamilton - Tim Hortons
Winnipeg - Investors Group

Saskatchewan - Nobody
Edmonton - Nissan
Calgary - Western Direct Insurance
B.C. - Coast Capital Savings

Quite interesting. Good move by IG in Wpg. They are a National brand and the inaugural season at the new stadium, they may as well capitalize. IG, via Power Corp, should really be a league wide sponsor considering their national reach.

Little perplexed as to why no bigger name advertisers in Calgary & BC and none in Sask.

I realize it's more of a local thing for the teams but I'd think the country wide exposure on TSN weekly would be beneficial.

Wasn't Sask in big with Potash Corp or Mosaid or something?

Surprised one of the O&G co's in Calgary hasn't jumped on the Stamps uni's.

Speaking about Pot ... Isn't there a medical marijuana company that can sponsor the Lions? Cannastat Therapeutics?

Hey,there's their new stadium sposnosr.

Canab Inns Stadium

hortons for hamilton makes sense we did have the first ever and probably the most in any other canadian city theres one on every corner in hamilton

I'm guessing that the "bigger name advertisers" use their bucks for TV ad's and on-field/sideline display ad's. A lot easier to see than the jersey patches. Not sure what other sponsors do, but Coast Capital Savings Credit Union offers a 23% discount on Lions tickets to their members.

Rona is closing a store here in Mississauga that we used to visit from time to time.

With so much competition from Home Depot, Lowes and even Home Hardware it's little wonder they are having problems.

Tim Hortons, who used to have the take out coffee business to themselves for so many years, has been feeling the heat from Starbucks, McDonalds and others.

Sears is giving up leases at three of their stores in the area. Zellers walked away from a number of them. The retail landscape is going through a lot of change.


this is how you know the CFL is heading in the right direction. Sponsor leaves do to financial problems and others step in to take their place. IGS is jumping on board in a big way others will follow suit

I always liked Molson Export as the sponsor for Montreal. It went well with the uniform and the stadium name.

certainly the huge sponsor banners at Commonwealth covering the unused seats go to the highest bidder. They are as large as the sections themselves and can be seen on every shot facing the end zone

ya, it's great until you're at Molson Perceval and all they sell is Export.... shudder i don't remember some of that night