Unhappy Runningbacks

Unbelievable.... It's looking pretty good for us right now but now there are talks about Davis Sanchez being out until playoffs. Wouldn't that ever suck?

Back to Davis, just a stellar performance and I'm sooo happy he's wearing our colours but something tells me he isn't happy to be here. He's already said he wants to go back to the east (heard it on CBC) and now he isn't saying a single thing to the media after his first performance as an Eskimo. His only words were today after practice "I'm happy with the win" or something like that and then refused to say anymore. anyone hear about this? Do you think it might affect his performance?

Diedrick also had a big talk with Hugh and he's pissed off about not getting enough playing time. I agree with it too. He's gotten something like 10 carries in the last couple game. Didn't have one in his first game or in the Toronto game.

Anyways we better take it to the riders and demolish them.....

I think we have a better chance of Greene starting the game than Davis rushing for more than 75 yards.

Davis does not talk to the media, that came right from the Edmonton media. He was burned in Hamilton a while back. If you notice there is not a lot of interview footage of Davis even in Hamilton, he just does the interviews that he is required to do and that is all.

I do believe that Edmonton will have to come up with really big money to keep him. I could see him either in TO (Avery won't be back next year) or Montreal (there guy might want to try the NFL again). Maybe Joe could try and talk some sense into him and keep him in Green and Gold next year.

Saskatchewan has also not proven that they can stop the running game consistantly, looka the montreal game. MAybe you should have saoid that there is a better chance of Greene starting then Keith or Holmes will have of getting 75 yards. If Sask can't run then they can't win that has been proven over and over agin this season