unhappy (fan)

I can tell that you're one of those people that believes that, when you read something you really think must be commented on, it's always wise not to to respond right away, but rather to carefully craft and precisely word a response, and then to read and re-read your response before posting it, so that you're sure that it clearly lays out exactly what you want to say and really can't be misinterpreted. :wink: :lol:

I don't think I've ever seen a day with so many first time posters.

There have been many bone-headed comments.

Or in this case, it's highlighting someone's bemusing comment that has gone unnoticed.

Just like I'm doing now. :slight_smile:

I to would of loved to have seen Rob Hitchcock run on the field one last time and put a good lick on someone . Maybe the team feels that Rob might play really well and it would be even harder to cut him .

Ill bet Rob knew he was on the bubble from the beggining of camp and with his salary he would have to be head and shoulders better than the kids who are gonna take his spot . Well its the kids turn now and BOY do they have big shoes to fill . He has seen all the tricks and would be able to get by with the smarts to be a good special teams guy this season . But he wont be here and now you`ll have to be patient while these kids learn to play in the CFL .

I wonder how many will be whinning about special teams in the weeks to come ???

I think the club handled the situation very well. They let the players know what was happening ahead of time, offered them the option of other positions with the club, organized a press conference to give the players a chance to speak, and said that the offers remain open. If the players don't accept and prefer to try to play elsewhere, that's their choice.

I have high regard for both players here. I thank them for their many years of stellar play, and wish them every success in the future in whatever field of endeavour they may choose. If they choose to stay with the Ticats in some capacity, then lucky for us.

Similar thoughts were expressed at the beginning of last season..... and how did that go???

Why you ask? Well, it's kinda hard not to get attached. The Ticat organization spends thousands of dollar in marketing "player recognition" just so we the fans can relate the player to the team to the enter "ticat experience". Then, when they accomplish that they show them the door. And we the fans are left with that "what the heck happened" feeling.

Now I know that the Ticats are not the only one's that do this. And the current cliche "business is business", but we are entitled to our opinions and feelings about players that are released. Even if it was done with good intentions.

So right now I want to shout and rant and kick and scream about how unfair it was to release to icons of the current Ticat era. After all there hasn't been a whole lot to be happy about recently.

I'll take my soap box and go home now. :expressionless:

Yes and Rob and Mike were part of that! New Blood New Era New TigerCats

New Blood, New Era, New Tigercats = New Losing Season.

I to am very sorry to see both of them leave.
And also understand the need to move to younger players. but to lose both of the players needed to mold the TEAM at this time makes me think that they used them to sell season tickets right up to the last .
This smells if letting them go was in the cards it should have been done earlier.

You don't have to yell..

here is the thing The Als have players posting things on the Alouettes and a player perspective.Jeff Piercy posted something that is VERY fitting for things like this.

to quote his posting. “Everyone loves football, but football loves no one? – Coach Mark Trestman
to read the whole story visit,

[url=http://en.montrealalouettes.com/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=17323]http://en.montrealalouettes.com/index.p ... &nid=17323[/url]

It is so TRUE. yes these players were dedicated to the team dedicated to the community and yes it hurts. As much as we don't like it personally the thing is WE CAN'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY.

Just remember "“Everyone loves football, but football loves no one? – Coach Mark Trestman

First every good thing must end sometime and hitches and moreales time is up!Yes they were very good people in the comunity but the people here in Hamilton want to see more wins then more symphathy!
The ticats are doing a good job trying to put the best team posiable, not the worst!


Well if you don't come out, well then you wont hear me say " Head Move, that cranial is blocking my view of the field."

gee... Let me think, Moreale and hitch were here for the 1-17, 4-12 season, yep they will be missed


I agree with you smuk ppl just don't understand you can't get rid of class acts like Hitch and Mike they may not be as fast as before but take last year for example Hitch was a non starter due to he was weaker against the pass so they pulled him and what happens the teams get record rushing yards against us... Sincerly one displeased fan...

p.s. It don't matter if the young guy can run 90 miles an hour if its in the wrong direction