Ungratefulness.........is there no limit to it?

I am at times appalled at the level of ungratefulness some people are capable of...........especially those who should know better.

Take for example, former Tiger-Cat employee Don Edwards (employed well before Bob Young bought the team).

In today's Regional News, a local Caledonia/Haldimand weekly newspaper, which Mr. Edwards frequently submits his opinions in, he complains and whines how his 4 free tickets to last Saturday's Tiger-Cats game, from two separate sources (Cable 14 and his son's spring football team) couldn't be redeemed by the Tiger-Cats ticket office so that all four of his free tickets could be together.

Come on Don, as a former Tiger-Cat front office employee, you should know better than to make such a fuss at the ticket window over such a stupid issue...........we fans all know that at a game where, at most, 22-25 thousand people are expected, a party of four(4) can easily sit together in a section that is relatively empty. We've all moved around the stadium at times to sit with friends or family members unless it's a sell out like Labour Day usually is.

Arguing and complaining about the team's fortunes on the field, the stadium location issue or the food menu is all fair game..........but to whine in an out of town paper about the Tiger-Cats ticket policy when you are the recipient of freebies is quite astounding in my opinion and deserves a response.

Edwards, like myself, has been fortunate enough to have spent time within the organization and like myself, has probably enjoyed some of the perks and special privileges that have come with it in the past........and this is how he shows his appreciation?

I and my kids have so many special memories of stuff that comes along with being part of the Tiger-Cat "family" that the average person doesn't get to experience, that I will always be grateful to the organization. Will I complain about performance on the field at times?.....of course ! I'm a Ticats fan and it's our birthright !..........But would I ever whine in a newspaper column because of something so trivial, as Don Edwards did today, because two sets of free tickets weren't "together" in a stadium which was only three-quarters full?.......I don't think so.

(Here's a verbatum excerpt except the last name of a few of his friends)

"Now, when I worked for that team, we tried to make our customers happy, not treat them like second class citizens because they wanted to sit together. Fortunately, Jack and Charlie ****** happened along while I was venting my frustration. We swapped one of our pairs of tickets with our friends and my family was united for the contest."

C'mon Mr. Edwards, why such drama when we all know you could have all sat together anyhow at Saturday's game due to the attendance. Was it a slow news day up in Caledonia or something? I thought you were above such nonsense and should know better especially being a former Tiger-Cat employee.

At least try to show some gratefulness to an organization which no doubt gave you and your family a lifetime of special memories.

(Note......The Regional News does not have an on-line edition but can be purchased throughtout Haldimand County)

The Regional News is that rag that buffoon Gary McHale spouts of in every week, isn't it? Bird-cage liner.

Maybe Mr. Edwards should just BUY 4 tickets next time. That way he could ensure that his group sits together. Is he part of the Caledonia/Haldimand hockey family?

Free tickets and he wines? The team has never been run better than it has right now. Sorry to see you so inconvienced you troll.

The "paper" works just fine at lighting up your briquettes and charcoal...maybe its the "inflammatory" content...

Nice to know that no good deed goes unpunished. He's lucky enough to get freebies and he pisses and moans? Some people need a good smack sometimes.

8) How right you are !!
 Do you also realize that the Mayor and all city aldermen get free tickets to TiCat games too !!!

 Talk about some people needing a good smack, as you say !!!     <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

If Fred get's free tickets, how come he didn't attend the last game and smile for the cameras, to show his support, right alongside the other luminaries in attendance? I'm sure the fans would have enjoyed showering him with popcorn and beer, or something similar, to show their admiration for Freds latest self-serving moves, at the expense of the Tiger-Cat franchise. When Canada Bread wanted to locate in Hamilton, no brownfields were offered, just prestige commercial greenfield land deeply discounted and subsidized by the taxpayers. Why should Bob Youngs business be treated any differently? According to Marvin Ryder the franchise is worth $60 million to the community, whereas Canada Bread is worth much, much less, yet they are treated like royalty, free sewer and water connections come to mind, amid a mountain of incentives subsidized by the residential tax base. As one of those taxpayers, I'm getting to the out-rage stage and i'm not the only one, the election war-drums are pounding already. Games CEO Ian Troop must be sweating bullets by now. The Domino effect could imperil the whole games. No wonder Dalton McGuinty sent ORC reps and Michael Fenn to Hamilton to ensure the integrity of the Games infrastructure. Mayor Fred is taking Custers last stand, like any soldier would do, no matter what side they are on. The same will happen at the ballot box, thanks to the Mayors tunnel vision and intransigence over the west Hamilton location for the Stadium.

Why didnt the 4 of them just move. Lots of empty 4+ seats in my section

Is he a radio announcer Now? Edwards that is!

Yup, free tickets and the guy is whining. Buy tickets next time bud unless you're down and out.

8) He used to be on the Bulldog's broadcast crew.
 I'm not sure if he still is now though.

Wouldn’t he be the same Don Edwards who is Cable 14’s football analyst/colour commentator when they (cable) broadcast Tiger-Cats’ games?

Yes, that's him.

What troubles me is that he took the time to write to all residents of Caledonia, Hagersville, Dunnville, Mount Hope etc, which that paper is delivered to in each mail box, and infereed the Tiger Cats are some sort of heartless organization because they didn't switch his 4 free promotional tickets into that he obtained fron 2 seprarate sources into regular tickets.........he should know better that it is impossible to do with the Ticketmaster computer systems without creating a huge issue with proper accounting. And as pointed out, he knows full well that the family could have sat together anyhow no matter where the "comp" tickets were.

And then to sit down and write an article about it days later?.......ungrateful is the only word that comes to mind.

It should be noted that this is NOT the Don Edwards of Caledonia/Binbrook area that is a former NHL goalie. There are two Don Edwards in those communities and it often causes a bit of confusion.

I hope someone from the Tiger-Cats office contacts the Regional News so a rebuttal can be published in next week's edition and the record can be set straight for all the residents up there. It's a huge market for the Tiger-Cats especially if the new stadium goes on the mountain. The Ticats don't need the likes of Don Edwards spreading total nonsense to his readers.

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Melsose, the member here that you are referring to got called out harshly and roundly criticized right here on these forums........we all agreed that it was wrong.......do you not remember?

....so we are being consistant 100% on the ungratefulness issue

Speaking of hypocrisy.....
Was it not you that pledged ,at least twice ,a boycott of the team and the message boards ?
A posted personal attack on the current president demanding he'd be fired?
Posting personal attacks on past GMs and coaches over hirings and decisions that went way beyond the pale of on field performance ?
Heaven knows how many games you actually buy tickets for and attend ?

And you have the gall to criticize anyone about "gratitude"?


The moderators have asked me and to completely ignore you.


The questions still remain. All fair and all relevent.

You apply and demand a standard of someone else you cant or won't apply to yourself. When you do so your criticisms carry little or no weight.

Operative word now is WAS.

they had two sets of tickets for opposite sides of the stadium and tried to see if they could exchange them for three together(which is all they needed). It couldnt be done though but thats not what the story was about. It was about the entire evening and some idiot fans behaviors but it ended with the story of a fan returning lost 5 dollars to a person who had dropped it and the final words "hope springs eternal".