Unfortunate update on me

Lots of exciting things happening in sports between the Jays moving home soon all that's going on with hockey drafts and most importantly my Cats starting play soon. But unfortunately I won't be posting very much here. And here's why.

I'm really hoping to figure out what's going on and this is just temporary. But any good vision vibes you can send my way would be appreciated appreciated. Cheers, Pat


Best regards Pat .

Hope they discover your eye issues soon and are back to seeing properly again .


Sorry to hear about your condition Pat. Best wishes and hopefully they will get it figured out soon so you can enjoy the summer fully.


... that wasn't what I pictured you looking like.

Anywho all the best Pat. Hope they figure out what's going on with you.

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My sound is not working so I cant hear what you are saying TP, but it is clear you are having a scary bad time and I hope it gets better for you.

Sorry to hear about this Pat. Hoping it is temporary too this can be figured out.

All the best

Wishing nothing but the best Pat and it gets better for you as quickly as possible!

…damn man, that’s a tough spot to be in Pat, I can’t imagine…stay positive and let the docs do their thing, I’ll pray for recovery here for you…


Sorry to hear this T-Pat . Keep positive and keep your head up and hopefully things will work out for you as quickly as possible .

Peace Out !!! :v:

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Shoot! What a optical mystery is at hand here and hope you are not feeling pains too.

I hope you keep us posted if you can or wish as they figure out what is going on.

We are with you every step.

Best wishes for your recovery.

Best wishes

Take care and best wishes.

MRI done today so that's pretty much it for the diagnostic testing. Now I wait for results with left eye still 85% darkness and right eye blurry at best. But at least they're stable but at least it's stable thanks to the steroids.

So for now as I await results here my TripAdvisor reviews ultrasound versus MRI. Lol


Best wishes brother

Thanks for all the well wishes. Still no definitive diagnosis although they are leaning towards optic neuritis at least in my right eye.. Left eye still 80% plus darkness and likely staying that way. My right eye still wonky but stable. Sitting within five feet of my 42-in TV I can see what's going on watching baseball and looking forward to watching tomorrow night and my Ti-Cats.

More deets on this video.


All the best to you and hang in there and don't be shy to ask all the questions you feel you need to ask to figure out what is going on.


still wishing you well TP

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I want to wish you well, Travel Pat, I myself have had surgery, stage 3 colon cancer... about 17 months ago, right before the pandemic hit... I was lucky as the tumor was a slow growth, but it did reach the lymph nodes, and it was all removed during the surgery. Good luck


Best wishes for your health MJRiderfan.