Unfortunate that one big ref once again costs Calgary

He has been at every Stamps game but one. He has almost always cost them games as much as Bo Levi did. He waited until the Stamps had gotten an important first down on a 3rd and 2 with 2:28 left in the game to throw his little yellow laundry that I KNEW would cost them the game, due to a phantom holding call. Which in turn, deflated the Stamps' morale badly enough that they didn't even want to tackle Winnipeg on their last drive. They also knew they'd done enough to beat the Bombers, but no team can beat an opposing team AND the refs. Especially THIS one. A big ref with an apparent grudge against the Stamps. It wasn't Dickenson's coaching that cost us the game. It certainly wasn't Maier or the defense or anything else that can be blamed. It was one big ref who bided his time to decide when to strike. shame on you CFL. smh


He also called RTP on Willie Jefferson. It went both ways again. Frustrating and dumb but this is how it is.


That is preposterous. Do you even know which ref threw the flag? It wasn’t Bradbury. Bighill was pulled down which is a hold by definition. Even if it was questionable you don’t mention the phantom RTP against Jefferson just before that.

And this call caused the Calgary D to not even want to tackle any more? I give your team more credit than that. Calgary couldn’t stop Winnipeg all night. Winnipeg wasn’t much better but they did clamp down in the 4th quarter, especially when it counted.

Three great games between the teams, but face it, the evidence is in. Winnipeg is just better than Calgary.


Lol, this too got my wha? face activated. Said by no one in the stamp D huddle: “well that’s it for us guys, I’m so demoralized I suggest we might as well not try to tackle anyone, who’s with me here?”…


More belly aching by sore loser Calgary fans. SMDH.


Didn't see the play
Don't know who threw the flag
Don't care who won

How many knew that Bradbury is from Winnipeg?

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Everyone knows that Bradbury is from Winnipeg. I pointed that out in the game thread when I found out this was his last game. He is my neighbor (not next door). I am happy for him that he reffed his last game in his home town.

Your implication in your post is that Bradbury had something to do with Winnipeg winning. As you admit you did not “see the play”, I can assure you that he did not. You’re probably better off going with the Calgary quit on purpose theory.


Is it because you can't read? Or can't understand?

Funny how you never stick up for Proulx when it is implied he sides for Montreal

In response to one of your usually abrasive posts, I am the rare phenom that can actually type and post but have never learned to read. Thankfully I have a trained monkey recommended to me by another member of this forum that reads posts to me.

I never stuck up for Proulx because I think he is a poor referee. I have never said he is biased in favour of Montreal or any team, just that I don’t think he calls a quality game. In fact in my experience it is better to not have a home town official involved as they tend to bend over backwards to show they are not favouring their home town team.


I implied nothing....I pointed out a fact
You were aware of that fact, well good for you
You inferred something and your feelings were hurt over it
Your childish sarcasm speaks volumes
Have a nice day

Proulx is the best ref in the league
Bradbury is the worst

Well that’s awkward…


and why is that

It doesn’t seem to me based on your previous post that you’re really sincere about Jon having a nice day…convince me I’m wrong…


You are entitled to your opinion

this place has become a comedy show.

it's wonderfully embarrassing.

off to Toronto for hopefully a less embarrassing performance.

Try the chicken, it’s really quite good, we’re here all weekend…


Getting back to Bradbury, is there a reason he is leaving mid-season?

On the telecast they mentioned he would be working with the spotter's booth officials going forward.

The only thing I could think of (and this is purely speculative) is maybe he is getting some sort of medical thing done that makes it impossible to run around on the field but can do the sit in front of a screen contribution?

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There may be something to that. He’s obviously not in A-1 shape. You would think that if the CFL felt he shouldn’t be officiating that he would no longer be doing so in any capacity.

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Could be something like elective knee surgery or similar…when the backlogged medical system says your appointment is here well then you gotta go, regardless where the season’s at…

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