'Unflappable' Collaros leads by example

HAMILTON — Mike O’Shea talked to the media on Friday as his team enters the final stretch of preparation for the 110th Grey Cup against the Montreal Alouettes on Sunday.

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Bomber fans should get down on their knees and thank Simone Lawrence for this every night.


Nope, thank Saskatchewan… Zach was recovered when in Regina, coach Dick kept playing Fajardo, then the Roughriders traded a healthy usable Zach to Toronto for a couple of hammer handles… Toronto then gave Zach to Winnipeg for a couple of hammer handles resulting in 2 Grey Cups for the Bombers. Winnipeg lost Andrew Harris to Toronto, giving Toronto a Grey Cup. Our debt has been paid to Toronto. Oh, and thank you Riders…I guess we’re even for the Darion Durant episode…now our debt is paid to Saskatchewan as well. Lol