Unfamiliarity and The Loss

Any good fan will make a ton of excuses for the loss but here is one that makes a little sense so I think.

How long have the Argos core group been together (players and coaches)? Several seasons, this year they have a few new additions but the core has remained the same.

How long have the Ti-Cats been together? If you follow the team, you know you need a program to find out who is who.

It takes a while for a team to get together and trust one another. 2 pre-season games and a month of training camp isn't enough especially when most of the time is spent trying to impress the coaches enough to stick around.

Give these guys another 4 or 5 games and they will be fine.

Now about the penalties, they have nothing to do with unfamiliarity. These guys have been playing football for years and a penalty has always been a penalty. I don't care who it is, if it continues, there are a lot of other willing players who are more disciplined out there who can adequately take our undisciplined players spot.

There you go, see you at the ballpark!


I totally agree. The only difficult thing is we can't wait 4-5 games. The Win column has to get filled now in order to de-stress the end of the season. You get behind the 8 ball now and it will be killer come October and the final runs to the playoffs.
I was very impressed with what I saw in the first quarter and beyond. HOWEVER< Marshall should be reining this guys in, un necessary penalties hurt us in this game, This was our game to loose. Not the other way around.
All I can say is bring on Labour Day and Ricky Williams will get his true meaning of welcome to the CFL, by kissing the turf at IWS many many times !!!

TML Mikey is bang on...it may take time to gel, and how you finish the year is more important than how you start...but the penalties have been there for a few years now; team needs more composure, on the field and the sidelines...

Unfortuantely, losing can be addictive. Example A: last year.


A Mikey that makes sense! :?

I don't even think the players on the offense were the problem. It was the playcalling that killed us.

Playcalling was pathetic.

Cheergirl is right. We have a tough schedule. If we go 1-5 (a real possibility) we'll be in a dogfight for the 6th playoff spot. As a long suffering Leaf fan I'm getting awfully tired of the CATS joining the "wait until next year" bandwagon. The dumb penalties, a carryover from the last two seasons, was frustrating. On defense, while its still early, we made minimal changes. Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over, and somehow expecting a different result. Coaches Marshall (team discipline) and Reed (personnel and scheme) have to step up, and soon.