From the coaching staff right down to the players we stunk. Someone needs to be held accountable for that performance. Dropped balls, fumbles and a poor game plan on both sides of the ball add up to a wasted opportunity to get into a playoff position. Obie time to step up and let this team know this kind of play is unacceptable. I really expected more after the Argo win and I think its time we hold people accountable. No one likes a revolving door but where is Obie with all those NFL cuts he has been scouting. We are terribly week at receiver and that has to change fast.

With the bye its time for some NFL/cuts airlifts and a new Head Coach Obie!!

amen to that. Pretty much covers it. obie gave the incumbant coach a chance now its time for a coach with some fire.

When do we start screaming for Obies head?


 [b]We don't![/b]

We need him to clear up this season's wreckage when the season ends. Which could be very soon. :cry:

Position Coaches are vulnerable and their jobs could be on the line ... it would be a huge mistake to fire the Head Coach.

I agree that it'd be a mistake to fire Taafe but only because no one else is available at this time. Based on the performance of his team AND his coaches, he deserves to be canned and should be but he stays by default until the end of the season. He definitely needs to go after that.

An Argo-Cat fan

Look, we made some mistakes but put some points up even with some blunders. We will be fine I think, Williams just needs some more games, the guy is going to be one of the best qb's in the league in the next few years I think, given an opportunity when his time comes, he has the team, just needs some more experience.

i like williams tons but you're gonna see printers start labour day i'm pretty sure.

Agreed, Printers still no. 1 and this is good for Williams this year, go in when/if CP is injured. Next year could be a different story if CP doesn't work out as the team wishes.

Call me a Pollyanna if you wish, LEO1, but

last year's team took me to the depths of despair,
this year I can see the sun breaking on the horizon.

Take away 2 plays that cost us 14 points
and we would have won that game.

I saw nothing the team or coaches should be ashamed of.

the players slugged it out with a desperate Winnipeg team
whose play off hopes were about to flicker out.

Now, Winnipeg, Toronto and the Cats could go
down to the wire fighting for 2nd place.

I think that with a healthy CP, we would have won the game.

That has to go down as one of the worst give aways of a game in CFL history. :x

So do I!

And with D'Mac as OC...we run away with it!

How does DMac stop Charles Roberts?

How many more yards would the offense have produced with DMac as the OC?

Last night, the O got 400 yards which should be an indication that play selection was fine.

But, when you couple 400 yards offence with only 17 points what does that tell you?

It tells me we had too many onfield mistakes.

Maybe if DMac was the QB...

Rookie rec.s fumbling.
Backup QBs making mistakes
Significant number of important players out with injury.
Tipped ball that goes directly into the hands of lineman.
Woefully understaffed O/D lines.

And you come away from that and blame coaching?


Actually, I take that back. Its par for the course around here.


69 points in two games and YOU want to blame the players and the QB?


I fully understand "they must fire Taaffe, Bellefuille, Creehan" thing is your schtick and you're going to keep playing that card no matter what happens but....

how you or anyone can watch that O-line and most of the defense and not come away thinking there's a lack of sufficient talent isnt just stubborness it borders on mental illness.

What does the 45 points scored agaisnt the Argos have to do with last night's game and Zontar's comments reagrding last night's game?

Certainly you can blame the players when they get 400 yards offence and only score 17 points.


  • This team is going nowhere with this coaching crew. Most of us realized that last year and its a repeat this year.

  • accusing me of being mentally ill is a violation of rule # 5 in the posting guidelines. It has to do with personal attacks. The mods will be notified.