Undiciplined Argos

Will the Argos ever learn. Hamilton/Toronto labour day game was just awful. From the interceptions, the quarterback loosing yards, penalties, blocked kick, you name it. We couldn't find any other way to give the game to Hamilton. The players we have are much better than the record shows; and what they show on the field. So what is it. I am glad to hear that Adam Rita, is being "buzzed" about, 'cause the team has been changed over and over again, for the last couple of years and they have stayed a bad team with good players. Maybe the team was easier to manage in the old days. You had Pinball in th wings, self disciplined players and leaders on the team like O'shea, Winter, Steinaur, Allen, etc. Can't figure this one out. :?

Bring back Bishop and Stubler! Not going to happen, but that`s the way to go. Trade Joseph for Bishop? It is not going to happen because Argo management have no character and could not humble themselves to do that.

Bishop is a terrible QB with like a 48% completion percentage and more INT's then Td's. I don't think they'll make any big moves to get him anytime soon.

Of all the bad things to choose from Monday's game it was the penalties that made me the maddest.
5 offside penalties is ridiculous. I'm not sure who the leaders are on this team but someone needs to step up
and start holding people accountable.

Speaking of terrible.....AC/DC :thdn: :lol:

LOL! Acdc are RandR hall of famers bud and have been playing for over 35 years. One of the most popular bands on the planet. Acdc, Iron Maiden, In Flames ftw.

Yeah, the offsides showed the lack of discipline. Very frustrating. I hope they are more prepared and their heads are in the game. Johnathan Brown has returned, hopefully, he will be playing so some leadership will be on the field. :slight_smile: and in the locker room. :thup:

Mr. Clemons,

You are a class act and great ambassador for the CFL. Too bad you employ such a disruptive, unsportsman like individual as Adriano Belli. He is a desgrace to the CFL and consistently thrives on causing fighting and cowardly actions that lead to nothing good. If you want to see Toronto return to geatness remove players who behave as he does. What a classless player

I've always liked Belli. He is one of my favourite Argos'.
But I agree, he was an embarrassment last night.

In general the Argos are an embarrassment this year. Not only for their awful record, but for their completely unsportsmanlike attitude. I have always liked Belli, but my opinion of his has changed this year. Murphy is also not winning any sportsmanship awards. I thought that after last year we had seen the Argos at their lowest, but clearly they weren't done making themselves look stupid. If I were Andrus I would be fining players, suspending them & maybe even firing a couple. If he wants to lead this band of misfits he needs to assert himself as the leader. They need to practice discipline, drive & sportsmanship.


Rider fan here..

I do have too agree with just how big a problem Belli is causing for your team. He's obviously a talented player but he's cost your team in a BIG way with his undisciplined play! Look at that game with Winnipeg..in almost every TV shot, anytime Belli was near Bishop he had a hold of him and his fist was drawn back ready to punch away!! And that's not an uncommon sight with him either, he's Always throwing punches or shoving players from behind, he's an embarrassment to your team and the CFL.
I can't count the times I expected too see him ejected from games or fined by the League for his antics...does the team fine him at all? I can't imagine that Andrus is all too happy with how much he's hurt the team with penalties because of poor sportmanship plays.
I think the Argos are a good team with a bad attitude and that's what hurts them most. Well that and the fact that the coaching staff has such little CFL experience, I mean you need SOME coaches with experience in this league to win in this league! What do Argo fans think of this?

The Argo's lack of discipline has had its way with them this year. It's part and parcel of how to become a 3-12 team. For me it's been one of the most frustrating things about watching this team this year.

I like Belli and when he's on his game he's solid on the "D"line. The thing with him acting as if he was going to punch Bishop was very embarrassing. His two worst games in terms of discipline both game against the Riders. Other than those two games I think he has done a good job of raising to Andrus' challenge after the 1st Rider fiasco.

Belli is a skilled player... No doubt... But he's an ass. I agree totally that the team as a whole is lacking discipline & that explains why they are in the hole that they are in. Just look at a team like Montreal: They are a winning team because they practice discipline (having great players doesn't hurt either!). They stand quietly & respectfully in a row during the national anthem. To me that shows that they are a unit. Coach MT has instilled some fantastic qualities into the team... His motto "Everything matters" holds true in every game. Montreal is the class act/roll model team that Toronto should be striving to be. I hope that some day they can get there.

Couldn't agree more...
Team sports absolutely REQUIRE team Discipline to be effective!

And just as "SatanTroll" points out how well Montreal plays as a Team, if they played with the discipline the Argos are showing this season, they wouldn't be anywhere near the top of the league.
Like my Riders, they play like they're playing for every other player on the team except themselves, they don't want to let the rest of the team down. We have a well coached, well disciplined and highly motivated team and it shows in their play, attitude on the field, and the standings. I sure hope you guys can get this sorted out in the off season. Maybe they should ask Damon if he wants to help coach instead of just standing on the sidelines.. :wink: He was always a class act and he knows this game inside out.

Couldn't agree more!... I've said that a couple of times on here. Damon would likely make an excellent coach. I also agree about the way your Riders are playing. They are a well coached, disciplined team & it shows, both on & off the field. The Argos need to find some of that!

I think pretty much everyone agrees that it was one big mistake for Andrus to try be his own offensive coordinator this season. For next season, they could sure do worse than hiring Allen as O/C.

Sounds like a plan. Give the man an Argos polo shirt & put him to work!

:thup: on that MadJack & SatanTroll!

What do you guys think of making an effort to lure Jason Maas from the Esks for next season? I think he'd go for another starter shot, he's proven he can play (numerous times), and he's been in the league for awhile already so he knows what's what too.
I dunno...while I still Luv KJ for what he did 4 us in 07, I just don't think the current Argo offensive schemes suit his playing style, but on the other hand I think Jason would be a good fit for it.

Agreed. :rockin: I would snatch up Jason Maas in a heartbeat if he comes available!

I wouldn't. . . I think he's well past his "best before" date.