Underwhelmimg performance by the Stumps

Calgary Stampeders quarterback Henry Burris said on Thursday afternoon. "We should be 5-0." Mmmm things that make you hmmmmmm

"We think we're the best team in the league," said Calgary slotback Jeremaine Copeland. "We could easily be 5-0 right now, without question." Or you SHOULD be 1-5.

And what about good ol "Clank" Reynolds causing another interception.

Well it sure looked like they were not in the game from start to finish! But hey the Lions took it to them and the Stamps deserved to get their butts kicked!

The stumps are the best team in the league. At choreographed endzone dances. They put Brittany Spears to shame. They have yet to win a meaningful game since 2001, but don't tell Copeland or Lewis that. That information might inspire them to spend more time in practice on the game plan, and less time on synchronized dance routines.

....there is no shame in losing to a better team and the Lions were tonight clearly the better team.......good on ya Leos for picking your game up when it needed to be picked up.......bad on my boys for underperforming again.....I'm just glad we didn't lose in as embarrassing a fashion as those eskimos did last night, that is still hilarious to think about...

BC played a solid game all around, and deserved to win. McManus did pretty well in the 4th quarter,IMO. I wonder who gets the start in Regina next week... :lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I would consider the Eskimos loss last night more shocking than embarrassing. It was a very close game that could have gone either way, easily. Getting completely dominated in every aspect of the game, and having a blowout score against you in front of your own fans is more what I would define as embarrassing. Or, perhaps, it is more embarrassing to have your first home playoff game in 4 years, have 7,000 empty seats in the stands, and have your a.sses handed to you by your arch rivals in a game that really matters; especially embarrassing after boasting all week long about winning a meaningless game the week prior. I dunno... just an opinion, I guess.

Im still waiting for redwhite2005 to admit hes a bomber fan at heart.

....lol, you might be waiting for awhile.....

....you say po-tay-to and I say po-tat-o, you say to-may-to and I say to-mat-o, po-tay-to po-tat-o to-may-to to-mat-o la la la la la........(you know what warn? BOTH game were pretty freaking embarrassing for the Alberta teams :lol: ).......

While you are waiting hold your breath! :lol:

The best province in this country will rebound!! Fear not!!!

Hey Warner I hope you liked the beer and hot tub in my back yard! There were many of my bomber fans that were fearing you not showing up after the loss of your eskies! I informed them you were relaxing and would answer their very tough questions!
You are right I do not believe the Alberta teams have nothing to fear! I think as the season rolls around they will improve greatly! I would rather have winning streaks at the end of the year then early! Watch out my bomber fans burn out may set in! :lol:

I'll take a 3 game win streak in the playoffs over a 6 game win streak in the regular season, any day of the week. The City of Champions understands this. Fans of other teams get their jollies in the regular season, since if they measured their teams success by championships, they'd be sorely dissapointed.

I agree! How many times did Ottawa sorry Gades fans jump ount to 7 wins at the start only to dive after that! It happens! Some teams put it together late in the season and really thats when your team needs to perform!

Just ask members of the 2001 stamps team. 8-10 regular season. 2 games BELOW .500. Third place in the West. Hadn't put a 3 game win streak together all season, but did it in the playoffs, and beat the 14-4, heavily favoured winterpeg blue bummers for the Grey Cup. Then, ask members of that 2001 winterpeg blue bummer team how important those 14 regular season wins were for them. I doubt they'd give 2 hoots about any of those regular season games. Bottom line is, the ONLY games that matter are playoff games, Grey Cup games, and regular season games that could mathematically eliminate you from the playoffs. Everything else is just filler. Not really a difficult concept. We agree 100%, redwhite. This will likely be the last time I say that :o

Yes Warner I believe that is right! Hell must of froze over! :lol: :lol:

sounds more like a couple hypocrites sharing a good cry together in their beers......WWWWWWWWAAAAAAHHHHH......enjoy consoling yourselves boys because your teams schlit the bed.....

Sounds to me like a jealous moron who cheers for a team that has not won a Grey Cup since the 1980's, and resents the fact that the 2 teams from the greatest province in the country have won a combined 6 Grey Cups since the last time the lowly riders won one. Piggy... please send out the memo. Could the last one out of saskatchewan please turn out the lights? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well Piggy now that you have shown up to make your comment I can not make a comparison! Notice when the Esks or the Stamps lose the fans do not trying blaming the ref’s or some other excuse! That just goes to show you how to do it! I predicted a Stamp loss and I am glad they lost because they correct what ails them. Where as your fan base complains about ref’s now you see the difference. Last night we had touchdowns called back do you see any one crying about that. No because the penalites were deserved! That is the difference consoling my alberta rival possibly. But hey their team lost in a close game and really the bomber fans have nothing to brag about really. It was a gift from the Edmopnton coaching staff and had nothing to do with unfiled performance! So thanks for showing up! Your comments are appreciated!

05 and Warner talking to each other like two lovebirds. Hmmmmmm, Are you preparing a meal of some sort? Are there any guys with stripes invited? Have fun. Now, where did I put that gopher I was beating on?

Already have we are 4 and 2