under what circumstance should we trade a top draft pick?

I think there is a strong chance other CFL teams will be asking Desjardins for one of the Cats' two first round picks in the draft.

Under what circumstance do you think Desjardins would be willing to part with the #1 or #4 pick? For example, might Desjardins be willing to trade the #4 pick and Pat Fleming to Saskatchewan for a proven starting receiver like Matt Dominguez?

If you were Desjardins, what would you want in return in a swap for one of these coveted picks?

All star Canadian starter (O-lineman or D-lineman) that can help now and for 5 years should be considered for the 1st or 4th. If we get that we can afford to chance a pick on someone with NFL aspirations

…we can not afford to trade our picks at all this year. We need new, young talent so keep the drafts and bring 'em home.

Only if they can play immediately are our picks any good. If we pick up starters we need to consider it. We are so thin that no risks can betaken

Imo , don't trade any draft picks, TiCats scouting should hopefully be able to judge the best players to pick that will fix holes and build on for the future, What Ticats need is to find team character and cohesion.this is done threw the draft in all sports. peace

if for some reason a good kicker became available...like duval or prefontaine.

but then again, we havn't seen this setta guy yet...so i dunno.

Andy Fantuz.

we should just keep it

Trade to TSN for D-Mac.