Under Fire Under Katz

Just joined to ask the crowd what the Cats record is under GM Katz. Despite his rather impressive resume, he appears to have a mountain of bad luck building a winner. Joe Paopao is also experiencing a mountain of bad luck. So much so that poor Jason Maas looks like he might have better luck figuring out the Rubick's cube than the offensive game plans. Oh but those receivers can run, and run, and run.... But where to?
P.S. If the name of the cube is wrong I have the utmost confidence that someone will correct me.
Thanks in advance.

All thanks go to Answers.com, cuphungry.

I couldn't have done this myself.

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Rob Katz's job is to sign the players.
The scouts go out and find the talent and Katz gets them signed. Since he's has taken over that role, he has done a super job. :cowboy:

It seems you can get away with almost anything when you are tagged with the term "Interim"

Yeah, great job signing players that aren't delivering. Not sure where to draw the blame on that one - wrong players? wrong coaching staff? wrong chief? However you cut it, there's something missing.

Remember, this isn't baseball. Totally different ball game - totally different kind of player required.

Right now the main problem is a lack of leadership/ability from the quarterback position. Could they have anticipated that from Jason Maas? Not sure but I believe this is where the main problem is.

Anybody who thinks Katz is anywhere near the chopping block must use a walnut shell for a blanket.

Is this PASS THE BUCK ..... I thought the GM's job was to field a team with the most talented players. So i guess that means good scouting staff, bring good players into camp, and ensuring the entire managment team, coaches are in sync as to who is good and who has to go. Lately all we hear in the Spec is how good the Cats new players are; how we are going to have a great team this year. Then they dont perform on the field and we hear, oh we got a good group of players they just need to play. In the end we pretty much end up with the same players, make a few trades, bring in some late NFL cuts, and shop around for CFL rejects and play without desire or fire.

Things have to change. What good is a GM that signs has beens and players lacking skill and character.

to blame the players is completely wrong imo, Katz hired PaoPao, undermining coach Marshall going into camp, some players are probably still loyal to Marshall, and have tuned paopao out, this situation should have been dealt with before the season started, but now , its time to bring in a new gm, and head caoch with authority and everyones players, and assistants respect, Katz is interwem and maybe should not be the one to hire the next coach or sigen players, (its becoming a revolving door, several prospects have come and gone at the clubs expence that has to stop, develope players and keep them, or make trades for equal value,eg (butjuer and brady )no return on investment!!