under center

So, as we sit here drinking Rum for breakfast and beer for lunch, a good topic came up. Now this has come up a little bit here and there, but I thought it would be a good general topic. The under center snap is essentially only used in short yardage now...shotgun is king.

This is generally fine, as it is a pass first spread offense league, and it allows better reads. But bucking trends often leads to success, as it throws your competitors off their standard practice and gives them more to prep for. You can run a lot of similar plays, but where it really benefits a team like the Riders is on the run. Those couple less yards for the D to adjust can be massive, especially against smash mouth runners.

I would love to see this at least attempted. The beauty is that you can switch up into the shotgun and throw teams off. It is more natural to use a 3-4 against these formations, so flipping the script by going under center then no huddle into shotgun...or even better the other way around so there are 4 DL against the UC formation...this could be a pretty interesting tactic.

Not a bad idea. I have noted more then a few times the snap from center comes back a little bit lazy and by the time the qb gets the ball and either hands off or tries to throw there are defenders all ready getting penetration. Go under the center and get the ball out of his hands quicker on either the run or the pass. Also it allows the qb to pull the ball quicker on an option play and run if there is an opening. Quick hitters and slants over the middle would work well with this. Give the defenses something else to consider. I like it.

sounds good lets implement it go riders

If Cortez is going to hand off 71% of the plays then sure might as well.