Under 19 Championship

Every Year Before The Super Bowl There The International Under 18 Championships. It's The 8 Or So Countrys Competeing And The Last 3 Or 4 Years Canada Has Won The Whole Tournament Beating The States In The Finals. The Last Two Years I Had A Friend On The Team So I Was Much More In The Loop, However This Year He Was Too Old. So Because Here In Toronto The Newspapers Hate Everything Canadian I Was Hoping That Someone Somewhere Else In The Country Heard About The Results Of This Tournament And Canadas Placing.

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Apparently, the Canadian side took the Americans to school again.

Thanks For The Update Mongo

Canada Juniors # 1 In world Football. :stuck_out_tongue:

what rules do they follow?

Played at the Super Bowl and no doubt the American rules like previous years.

canada had about 6-8 college players on their team.. the whole concept of 'college prospects' is quite misleading. the QB for team canada was the QB for university of calgary...

never the less, next year is my chance to make that team, ive already been talking to blake nill/greg delaval at U of C for university, if i have a great year and if blakes coaching again next year, i might be able to grease my way at least into the tryout camp in montreal. haha.

I'm not sure but I think the age cut off is 19 so really the americans could have a college boy or two if they wanted. Although I don't think it would matter.

Just think folks...the Canadian kids beat us in 4 down football. Now reverse the tables. the americans wouldn't stand a chance since they DON'T play 3 down football of any kind!