Under 10 yard passes

Overall a great game by the D, above avg for the O, 3 points allowed in 2nd half, 0 points last week, D seems energized, strong and fast, will bend but rarely break.

My one question is with all the short under 10 yard passes, I assumed they were setting the Eskimos up for a long one but it never came, are there DBs that could or is it we just dont throw long??

I was waiting for the same thing. I thought at any second now....we are going deep. What was it, 5 of the same plays to the SB.

I guess it's like the old saying....take what you can.

Porter needs to go long more. It's almost like he is afraid to go deep. He has to start trusting his receivers to get the go and get ball, especially P-Rod

Ohhhh.. this is the find a negative in a positive, thread... sorry... just passing through!!

I think that porter does go deap once or twice a game and i think that Marcel did not want to go that deep with him yet in this weather. he is not a Ricky Ray or AC yet so he is trying not to strain his limits too much

In the fifth quarter even Porter said they need more big plays... I have to agree... Maybe Bruce will give it to them...

I was hoping Bryce and P.Rod combo will help open more big plays (both cant be double and both need it)

I also wanted to mention that i found it interesting in the WR combos Marcel was using. I believe most 2nd downs Chris Bauman and Bruce III would come in for two other players

We moved the ball well with the dink and dunk 10 yard passes.

The play calling is terrible though. The 3rd and short shot gun call was horrific. We don't run screens or hitch passes. We tried a receiver screen and boom, snuffed out in 2 seconds.

And YET we won.. WTF is wrong in the world.. HOW could such an atrocity exist??

I've pointed out before that it's a pretty simplistic spread offense in design IMHO so that the QB can have easy reads. The flipside of that is that the secondary coverage calls are easier to meet it. The biggest plays the Cats have made re YAC yards from short passes this season has been where pre-snap motion has created a rub or a blown assignment through the use of a stack of receivers, mostly on Porter's left. The Cobb pass reception TD in BC Place was on precisely such a play, where Cobb cut across the middle from behind a delayed Davis out route that froze Javi Glatt enough to get Cobb free. There simply isn't enough of that.

Slants, crosses, bunches, stacks -- all these routes and formations need to be factored in more. We are amassing the talent on the field to compete, even with the rather vanilla approach that is in vogue. Spreading the field with enough guys with playmaking ability can do that in conjunction with a great running attack. However, to make this offense roll like clockwork, more schemes and wrinkles need to find their way into the mix. We have to challenge the opponent and confuse them whenever possible. If you can't see a D in chase positions more than once or twice per quarter, then that's a clue that an offense isn't using motion, formation, and the entire field as means for attack.

Winning IS a great deodorant. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


Under those conditions the 10 yard pass is the safe bet to control the ball Edmonton went deep numerous times wihtout a lot of success

Long passes take longer and in the conditions, the Ticats game plan was very sound, Edmonton tried the deep ball a few times, and Ray got smacked pretty good, on the INT TD . BUt I would like to see Porter get better at throwing to the Strong side and throwing on the run. He did throw one deep to P.R but it was 5 yds out of bounds , would like to see Both wideouts getting more passes deep as each aspect of the game helps the others. Great win in the rain Oskee wee wee :rockin:

If I were the O-Coordinator>>>

Run more shovel passes
More fake hand-offs with Porter running if there is not an open receiver
More jump balls to Prechae

That's all

I thought the short passes on offense were a great adjustment by the coaching staff. Edmonton wasn’t allowing the big play and Porter did a fine job showing patience and marching the team up field.

My only gripe is that he had P-Rod in one on one coverage a few times and either missed him or looked him off. Prechae looked a little annoyed by that but Quinton’s learning every week. It’s about knowing when to take those shots and when not too

I agreed with Urch take what the defense give you however keep them honest by going deep. However ensure the ball is place where our receiver has the only chance to catch it.