Undefeated teams

And that has WHAT to do with the thread?


It was an unfortuante thing to see, it just a result of hard-nosed football. It was a little scary to see that they took so long to get him off the field. They say he has an injury to his back, but hopefully it isnt too serious and he will back asap.

bclions, quit being an ass.

It was so silent in there. I sit behind the Lions bench, and all of the players were kneeling and shaking their heads. It definitely overshadowed the win. I hope Wally is right; he said that Joe's going to be OK.

I am often imitated but never duplicated.

....thank goodness for small miracles. snicker

That was uncalled for do you not think.

No, not at all. Some people need to take the sticks out of their asses on this site and crack a smile once in a while.

Your a bit cranky bad day with Miketjh or something?

RLR, it was totally out of line…

Agreed. It was childish.

What are you guys talking about? It's the "Paul McCallum Specialty", and you are totally worthy of it. It's a compliment!

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Exactly, that's what I thought you meant. Thank for clarifying bclions4life.

I guess some people just don't know.

...bclions$life, I'm glad you changed your sig pic to a different life size head of your favorite player....