Undefeated teams

I keep reading about how some teams are undeafed and how some teams are in a slump.
Guys, dont count your chickens befor they are hatched and dont count teams like Montreal out.
We only finished week 2 and already people are saying that the Riders are Grey Cup bound.
Hey I am a Rider fan and I hope they are, but I also cheer for Montreal.
I would not count Edmonton and Montreal out and at the same time, lets not forget that Regina has a history of averaging a .500 season when they are at their best.
And as for Hamilton, lets see if they can pull in a few wins befor the season is over.
As long as we keep the cup out of Toronto I am happy.

THink I heard that the last time the Als started 0-2, they ended up 12-6. So yes things can change.

It's still early for sure.

If I am not mistaken, they actually started 0-3 that year. That was a good team but nobody could beat Doug Flutie and they lost the '96 Eastern Final.

Very few Rider fans are actually planning the Parade Route yet, or even saying anything about a Grey Cup. It's actually all the opposing fans who give the smartass remarks "How's the parade in July?" or 'Planning the parade already I see".

After this week there could be only one undefeated team. I hope that team wears orange.

Winnipeg is still undefeated.

Same could be said about me Bombers, Dust in the wind. Nobody is planning Parades in the Peg, we started the season with key injuries on O line plus our secondary, if the injury bug hits us again…we’ll be crying in our Beers…Go Bombers

i dont think ppl are saying the Riders are Grey Cup bound :roll: we all know its way to early in the season :wink:

Yes, I know Winnipeg is undefeated. Therefore, if Edmonton wins than that still makes only one undefeated team.

lol i know, nobody even considers winnipeg as undefeated but i think that we will be much better with our injured players especially on the secondary

Well now Winnipeg can no longer say they are undefeated,lol
Same with Saskatchewan.

Thank you Mr. Obvious. Hopefully with the luck the sun will rise tomorrow. :?

Hopefully BC can stay unbeaten for a while, though hits to our QB’s heads certainly won’t help the cause.

Right on Sixpack, what to burn me.
You are amazing.
How come your not out on the field?


Hey BeerBarons, I recall from your posts last year that you are from Milwaulkie, (sp?) WS - How come you root for the Als? Isn't Winnipeg just a bit to the northwest of you?

Or am I losing my mind?

What gives?

Wow that is some ESP you have, just got home from a ball game. :lol:

Change the thread title to 'Undefeated team' please, not plural.

Not likely...it was started back in the day.....suck it up, buttercup.....

I guess nobody cares that our starting running back got taken away on a stretcher.