Undefeated no more

Well the streak is over and what happens after is anyones guess. A bye week to think things over. No Blitz Ritch allows teams to march down field and O'shea has a penchant for making questionable decisions at important moments and getting too conservative. Buck is still growing as an offensive coordinator. Not enough attention has been bestowed on Kyle Walter and Danny McManus and their staff for finding and retaining incredible players.

From what I saw any team with a good defence can beat the Bombers

It was one, super-close loss that mostly came down to the kicker having an off-day. The team is still 9-1. No need to be worried.

Everyone makes mistakes. We haven't done too badly this year. I'm not running up the white flag just yet.

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I get that people are happy to see the Bombers lose. I would be too if I wasn’t a Bomber fan. But no sweat really.

You don’t go from being the class of the league one minute to being a bunch of beatable bums after an OT loss in your 10th game in a row. I am sure no other head coach thinks that, although I wish they did.

It’s just all part of the season. I didn’t hear any predictions that they would be undefeated. And they’ll also probably lose 2-3 more but at the end of the season if they are 13-3 or even 14-4, that should be good enough for first place.


In fairness I think there were enough other off days among the Bombers to spread the blame around. Think back to last time WPG took an offside penalty on a ? and goal at the goal line. I haven't followed WPG for very long and my memory is far from perfect, but I don't remember any such in recent seasons. There were other plays that were disappointing as well. After nine team victories they suffered a team loss. So on to the next game.

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Agreed. Speaking as an Als fan (disclosure), I'll say that when one's team loses (and we are WELL-VERSED in dealing with losses, lol), there's a tendency to hyperfixate on what your team did wrong. We fall into the trap of thinking we're the only team with these problems, etc. In reality, these types of mistakes occur all over the league. Sometimes they even decide games. My Als lost a nail-biting game to the Argos in week 2 of the season because our kicker missed a chip-shot field goal. Even winning against WPG this past Thursday, our kicker missed another makable field goal at the end of the first half. It happens. :slight_smile: As you say, on to the next game.

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That is what I have been advocating as well. I am sure the Bombers and O’Shea in particular will be advocating that view constantly. I expect they will come out well motivated against Calgary.

As fans I think we often overemphasize this type of thing. Good teams don’t lose perspective and know that the mental aspect of sports is just as important as the physical aspect. You see it in golf and tennis especially because they are mostly individual sports. If you had a five stroke lead in the final round of a golf tournament and it is now down to two with four holes left, for example, you shouldn’t be fretting about how you lost three strokes of your lead but rather you should be asking yourself if you would have been happy with a two stroke lead with four holes left at the start of the tournament.

Similarly, I am sure the Bombers will be directed to the correct perspective, namely that they are 9-1 after a grueling 10 game stretch without a bye with one OT loss, something I am sure they would have taken to a man at the start of the year. As you say, all teams make mistakes and lose. The Bombers are not immune. They will now be focussing on correcting those mistakes I expect.


We'll hopefully have Couture back and Alexander.
Couts was still wearing the wristbrace, and I didn't see Alexander doing sprints or anything, but he was walking/jumping around cheering his mates on and looked just fine.

The 1st game back vs CGY will be big. Lose 2 in a row at home, then the detractors will really be out and things could slide at the worst time as we'll have the B2B with Sask.
I hope guys come back a bit early and focused.

I thought O'Shea's response to the game-losing missed field goal showed exactly why he is such a good coach and why the Bombers are on top of the league. No overreaction, just a grimace, and immediately moving on to the next game mentally. He knows the Bombers weren't going to go 18-0 this year. He has a firm grip on the big picture.

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He wouldn’t have missed …..

Blue gave up 5 sacks in the loss and had only 1. That was the glaring stat that Ferguson failed to mention in his article. Ritchie plays zone and predominantly rushes 4. Teams have moved the ball with ease and during the last Grey Cup Masoli moved the ball down the field and was to take the lead on the second last play if not for a finger tip. Ironically a finger tip lead to the penalty at the 1 against the Als. They miss Couture, he'll obviously be back soon. So O-line play will improve. But Ritchie's mantra will not change. Look for a swarming Stamp defence and short passes to move the ball on the soft sell Blue coverage. Stamps win if Blue don't adjust. My guess is they won't.

Apparently BLUE adjusted. This is a return visit to this topic after seeing what CGY fans had to say about their team's loss to WPG. All they could complain about how their team lost to "the refs". There was very little or no mention of any errors or failures by their team. I like the atmosphere here much better.

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