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Interesting little "resource" on the web. Check out the entry for the CFL:

The Canadian Football League is a tiny little football league that hides behind its mommy's leg when you come over to visit. When you reach out your hand to greet it, it clings tighter. It's so adorable. Sometimes if it feels comfortable it will ask you what your name is, but other than that it is very shy, so be very gentle with it.High School football is known to be ranked above it.



Here's a bit from the hockey entry, no entry for NHL:

Hockey is a popular Canadian style of street fighting. Because black people dominate nearly every other sport, Caucasians have made sure to protect hockey from them at all costs. For example, the NHL over-reacted to Chris Rock's joke, "Once they make a heated hockey rink, we're takin' that shit, too" by dismantling the heaters from every ice arena. This overly-cautious attitude caused hockey to lose much of its luster, and the sport is now bringing in ratings lower than "Bingo Live!" on ESPN the Ocho. Today, no one cares about hockey, except Canadians

Some funny stuff on this site I must say.

The only thing funny about either entry was Chris Rock's joke...

check out the entry for football, it's all soccer stuff. Agree some of it isn't funny at all and is some is just written by yahoo's but still, some of it's pretty funny.

For instance, in order to speed up the game, all players wear skates. The two-hand touch rule keeps Canadian players from getting owies when they are tackled, and field goals are worth 45 points.

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This is why the CFL should take on a game vs the NFL. Note- Not the Argo,s or Andros as coach, he is not a bonafide Canadiabn football coach, Actually it was the Argo,s who lost to the NFL in the retro era :twisted:

they should say the CFL is an abused little kid that needs alot of love and care, and if it gets it, like Obama, it could one day be president of the USA. :smiley:

Honestly though, the CFL could be better if people gave it a chance.