Uncle Tom Upshaw Dead

As much as your not suppose to disrespect the dead...Bill Wirtz's passing is a comparitive minor positive to the death of Gene Upshaw.
The Blackhawks now have more season tickets since Bill Wirtz's death (only 18 months ago) then they had paid attendance while he was alive.
Hopeful NFL players are going to see the same turn around now that Upshaw is dead...
Upshaw makes Allan Eagelson look like a saint the way he ran the NFLPA.
Chances are... there will be an NFL lockout because of Upshaw's death, but every NFL player will benifit in the long run.
I have terrible cut and paste abilities (non-exsistant) however if you google "Men's Journal Casualties of the NFL" I rest my case.
This article is very long, but extremely well written and shows that Gene Upshaw was a complete waste of a human flesh.
Not mentioned in this article, are the facts that NFL contracts are the only contracts in the big four that are not guarenteed. Also not mentioned is the fact that despite the fact, that the NFL generates the most revenue of the big four, that the players have the lowest minumum salary. Sure the Payton Mannings of the NFL are looked after.... but just ask pretty every import player in the CFL, what they think of being cut from the NFL mere days from being eligible from collecting a pension.
Having some kid who's not as good as them but cheeper take their job....
Although this has benifited the CFL...it is something you do not see in any other of the big 3 major leagues in NA.
Prediction: Now that the NFL no longer has their inside "Uncle Tom" the owners are in for a big shock, when the new union leader demands guarenteed contracts, and more pension money for retired and disabled players... The NFL will be shut down for atleast one full season.

Gene Upshaw died because he was an idiot.... He felt sick for years and lost dozens of pounds...yet he refused to go see a doctor... He was diagnosed on Sunday and died on Thursday.
Yes pancretic cancer is very lethal...but Patrick Swayzie has proven that rich people in the USA can live long productive lives after being diagnosed with this disease, that I believe kills 90% of it's victims.
Gene Upshaw may not of beaten the disease, but he could have extended his life my several months if not years (because of his financial wealth)
Yet he proved how moronic he was by dieing the same way he ran the NFLPA... With sheer stupidity and absoulute pigheadedness.
P.S. I hope before Gene died ,that all the faces of all the people he screwed flashed before his eyes.

All the best to his family. While I was never a Raider fan (Vikes fan no. 1 then Bills and Lions) I do appreciate what he contributed on the o-line to making the Raiders an excellent team back then.

I agree... To bad he never got into coaching once his carrer was finished..... cause he wrecked his legacy by litterally destroying the lives of thousands of people.

God Bless.

God bless all the people Upshaw screwed... Read the article I sugested.... Very damming.