Unbelieveable - 47,000 attendance - for a scrimmage!

This interview with Jesse Lumsden really shows how football in the States is like hockey up here (even moreso really) - unreal - this is for a friggin scrimmage!:

"THN: What affect did the crowd have on you on Saturday... 47,000 plus people and then you score...

Jesse: It's the largest crowd I've ever played in front of. So that alone was exciting. I can't imagine what it'll be like in front of 91,000 people."


Football is a religion down there! Look at how well their college games are attended. Heck, look at how well their High School games are attended.

When I lived on the Lower Mainland, there was a border town called Blaine Washington. Their high school games used to get 5,000, to 8,000 spectators. There would be posters up all over town promoting the team. People would show up Friday nights to support the local High School team. It was amazing!

Man, I wish I grew up in a football environment like that or we had that here, just to be a part of this even as a fan would be so exciting, I can’t imagine it.
And people wonder why anyone wouldn’t want to play in the States, give your heads a shake if you think like this.

......I can vouch for that Sporty because in grade 11 my HS football team travelled to Blaine and played a High School team there....there were around 5 to 6 thousand people watching, a marching band, a cheer team that rivalled the Eskimo's....and did we get pummelled.....they scored on every possession I think, and we didn't score once....the final was like 70-something to zip.....but the players were good sports about it, it's not like they were rubbing it in or anything, in fact their first string O&D only played two possessions each, then they started rotating their second third and fourth string guys in.....their starting RB was like 6'4" 280lbs and had legs like Earl Campbell, it was like tackling a mobile telephone pole.....but then the guy would get up and help us to our feet, smile and say 'nice tackling guys, good job'.....I hurt for two weeks.....

Go to Florida or Texas, High School or College football is BIG in those states, the south's the heart of Football country in the US. Friday Night Lights showcases that excellently, and that's not just because it's a small town, it's like that all over Texas.

I don't think Jesse has to worry about 91,000...he'll never see it.

Dude played in the CIS, he's used to 5,000 max...

He'll make the team because he's, well, just a hotie, or so I've been told.