unbelievably biased & incompetent officiating ( vs Ticats

Last night's game Hamilton/BC was a perfect example

While some of the pass interference calls were obvious and simply HAD to draw a flag...
One or two had me swearing at my TV yet again

When will the league get it into their zebra minds that it's not enough that they see a tiny tug on a jersey
or some kind of contact...whatever they see should have an influence the outcome of the play for it to be called...rather than their questionable decisions determining the outcome of the game. It needs to come as some kind of directive...from the top. It's getting so whenever a team needs an offensive boost....lob it as far as possible downfield and a pass interference call will salve all your ills.

I can't remember who...but someone on the broadcast said, "Well LAST game people were complaining that too many PI weren't being called so...." And THAT was meant to explain the excessive and questionable PI calls.

Firstly, that kind of comment should be censored for the good of the league. Secondly....if true...it just proves my prior point that officials need to be LESS human....give the appearance at least of being robotically...3 LAWS unswayable...impervious to comment, unbiased and disinterested in ANY possible outside force. Reputation, coaches comments (however loudly screamed) media pressure should be little more than background noise.

This is professional football folks!!!