unbelievably biased & incompetent officiating ( vs Ticats

I was aghast at the call against the Alouettes (45 yards + ejection)after the showboating brawl...What planet do these refs get trained on.? A ticat jumps them & starts a benchclearing brawl ...and the Als get 3 penalties defending themselves ?
I am sorry but there should only have been 2 penalties effectively cancelling each other out , not such a biased penalty against the Als. So the Als show boated a little...that's a small penalty...starting a bench clearing brawl is a major thing and the Ticats not the Als should have been severely punished ! However the refs decided to ignore this and reward the brawl starters with a 45 yard advantage ? ( what no touchdown ? ) Now we can look forward to more benchclearing brawls because this is clearly a rewarding tactic if we are to follow the Ref's logic (not ). Kudos to McPherson for his first 2010 start . Way to run them cats out of town dude ! The score should have been even higher . Good work

Reffing this afternoon was unbelievably poor. Couldn't be more obvious they were favoring the home team heavily. Not just the BS calls in the brawl but the way they let Hamilton's DBs mug our receivers all game long without PI or illegal contact calls.

I don't usually gripe about officiating, but a game like today really makes you wonder about the competence and the objectivity of the zebras. The sweet thing is that even with the refs on their side, Hamilton still couldn't win. :lol:

You might as well be talking to the wall, buddy. You don't have to convince a ticat fan about the laughable officiating in the CFL. It will never change. I'm resigned to it after 30 years.

And what's with the officials completely ignoring BOTH teams' receivers routinely going offsides at the snap? It was getting ridiculous.

Andre Proux and his crew were just as bad last night. I think they are relying on challenges and league office too much.

The single call that can change the course of a game (other than penalizing a team for being attacked by Arland Bruce de Turd)...is the pass interference call.

The Alouettes consistantly get singled out for PI on defense.
The Alouettes regularly get no-calls on their receivers.

It's gotten so bad that you'd like to ask for revues on these calls (or non-calls). Only there's some kind of hand-fighting or other contact on almost EVERY passing play. Reviewing the play simply would mean next to nothing.

I think referees need to be LESS human, somehow. Like Lin-J Shell last week getting called a week after that spitting penalty, Officials seem to err on the side of "reputation" rather than observed facts...almost as if they don't actually have the skills to make the correct call...so they go with the assumption that someone MUST be guilty because they're a dirty player...or an "aggressive" team.

This "officiating by innuendo" is an embarrassment...and is hurting the CFL.
I can't think of a single game this year I wasn't muttering about the refs.
My friend downstairs says, "That's why you should never bet on the CFL"

I'm betting on my Alouettes...but I'm tired of them having to beat TWO teams every game.

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How does Arland Bruce get away with instigating a fight, while we get -45 net in penalties and a player ejection? Trestman needs to complain to the league; that was bush-league officiating and could have easily swung the momentum in Hamilton's favor. Fortunately, we worked our way out of the field-position hole and the Cats weren't able to exploit Woldu at Dix's position.

I'm not even going to get into all the uncalled PI and illegal contact on Als receivers who apparently can get their jerseys pulled over their heads in the end zone without drawing a flag.

As far as officiating goes, I have never been impressed with CFL officiating. I find there are waaaaayyyyy too many flags during the course of the game. This slows down the pace, kills drives, obliterates any momentum the O-team can muster, and are often thrown in critical situations. And to top it all off - It's inconsistent from one week to the next! Obviously, they have to throw flags for blatant offences, but with 24 guys moving at the same time, they can't see everything.

I watch a lot of NCAA games and quite a few NFL games, but it appears to me that there are far fewer flags.

L'aberration de la mêlée, c'est que ce sont les Alouettes qui ont ont été punis pour avoir répondu à rien de moins qu'une agression.

Dix devait être sorti parce qu'il a donné un coup de poing. Mais par ailleurs, les Tiger Cats méritaient aussi des punitions. Il faut croire que noir est moins visible que le blanc.

Une chance que les cheerleaders s'en sont mêlées : en attirant l'attention des arbitres, ça les a empêchés de nous punir d'un 25 verges de plus!

You get what you pay for.
Referees make $200.00 per game, plus have their air fare paid for.
I'm sure the calls would be better if these guys made a living from the job, and were paid as such.

When you look at it like that,it is hard to criticize them. I wouldn't lose every nice weekend of the year for 200.00 a piece. They obviously do it because they love the game.

Wow...that CAN'T be right

The league ought to be ashamed
I mean...I know it's not the NFL....but officiating is an essential ingredient
Considering the poor quality of officiating,
and I'm certain it has some kind of effect on TV ratings and fan accumulation
...you'd think the league would find a way to do a little better than that.

No wonder it's impossible to attract any decent officiating talent...
...it doesn't change the facts....won't stop people from being pissed off
But certainly explains a LOT!!!

(and doesn't do much to quieten doubts about integrity and "bribe-ability")

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It's a disgrace to pay them so little. The CFL needs to make them salaried employees for the duration of each season. With all the revenue coming in, there has to be enough cash to pay our officials a decent wage.

Can someone document that the officials make $200 a game. I doubt that very much. Perhaps the minor officials, but certainly not the referee, line judge, etc. Id be very much surprised. And I will briefly remove my Alouette colors and say that both Cox and Ferri made hits to the head on Glenn that werent called. But for Bruce not to be ejected for instigating is ludicous.
All this shows is the terrible and inconsistent officiating this year, worse than I can remember it in previous years. I dont know if its poor training, judgement or positioning. Tom Higgins always has smooth answers, but I`d be curious to see what he really does in his job.

I disagree with all of you! I believe we have competent officiating in the Cfl now that we have the video playback. One of you noted that the officials have to be " less human". They cannot do that- they are human with all the mistakes, the warts,the stress, the personality issues. They are not perfect nor should they be. Do any of you guys ever make a mistake? We have greatly improved our game with the video replay. Sometimes the mistakes go with us, sometimes the mistakes go against us.The officials are intelligent men doing a job that will be bitched about by someone. Enjoy the game guys. You all appear to be letting yourselves get caught up in some angry emotions. Do some yoga!

I think it is utterly ridiculous that the player that instigated all of that was not thrown out as well. Dix should have been removed as he punched someone but so should Bruce and quite frankly the Ticats as a teach shouldve been given something as well the cheerleaders were almost willing to jump in on this fight I remember the als getting a penalty after our mascot kissed a ref after a favorable call and the als got penalized. Cheerleaders jumping into a bench clearing brawl shouldnt be any different.

Worst still was the assinine reason Bruce gave for defending his actions (ironically have saying he was misunderstood about being slefish in an interview). It boils down to "they were celebrating an interception and I wouldn't have any of it so I decided to jump them and my teammates joined in". The celebration that so offended Arland Bruce was 3 players flapping their arms you'd almost think they did something stupid and embarrassing for the league that borders on delay of game like digging spiderman masks out of their helmets or took off their jerseys and shoulderpads and pretended to be dead. I don't buy Jerald Brown's positive spin on it as him defending his territory either as both of those absurd celebrations he did were on the road as well but no one sought to pick a fight with him there

Bruce aurait été le premier à ne pas accepter d'un adversaire ce qu'il a lui-même fait.

Il a intérêt à être prudent dans ses prochaines matchs contre les Alouettes parce que les gars ne lui feront pas de cadeau.

Says here the refs make between $500-$850 a game as far back as 2006.

[url=http://www.canada.com/topics/sports/football/cfl/story.html?id=1b43aaff-9cf3-4713-a0ba-149a2f7e6061]http://www.canada.com/topics/sports/foo ... 9a2f7e6061[/url]

Thanks for that.
It's obvious that while they're not exactly living in luxury, they're fairly well paid...all things considered.
Doesn't help to explain all the shite calls :expressionless:

But most of them deserve to be docked so much after the game that they would end up owing the CFL money on many occasions! :lol: