After moving from Montreal to Calgary 6 months ago, I was so looking forward to attending today's game.
It was great!.... for the first 15 minutes of play time.

What my son and I witnessed after that from my beloved Als was unbelievable:

  • High school level play calls
  • Offensive play calls that my midget level son could read even before the play got off (notably AC's attempt to Noel Devine - imagine how the Stamps defense saw that one coming!)
  • A punt returner who can't secure the football
  • Players chirping at the head coach while the game was in play
  • Obvious disrespect of the Als roster for the coaching staff and vice versa
  • Players taking the game into their own hands with unnecessary roughness calls (playing with a "who gives a crap" attitude)
  • A lethargic offense which once again could get little to nothing going - again
  • An undisciplined and frustrated defense with the notable exception of Chip Cox who gives 100 % all the time.
  • Players removing their helmets on the field on a regular basis - once again a "who gives a crap" attitude.

These coaches have to go! Pretty much all of them! The Montreal Alouettes, with their all-star line-up, have gone from being a dynamic force to looking like a bunch of guys who just want to go home.
I love my Als, but Mr. Wettenhall, I hope you are listening. Something major has to change now!!

Great Post and you’ve confimed my worst fears.

Teams take on the personality of their head coach. Pretty telling what's happening here...

To Missmyals

I was going to comment on the Als season so far, especially yesterday's game, but you seem to have said it all. Thanks.

Worth pointing out
Chip Cox had one HUGE game
Thought he was going to win another
D-player of the week
Until things all blew up

Sadly Chip is on pace to obliterate the Record for tackles of a 130 in a season set by Sherrit last season. A feat that can only be accomplished on a team with a league worst offense.

Excellent (if depressing) point

This is the thing
Noel Devine is like a NCAA God
Hawkins himself lit up like a christmas tree when he heard Devine was on the squad.

If I have a problem with the coaching staff…
And with that, Jim Popp’s attitude in putting it together
Is that they clearly see the CFL as an inferior experience
Perhaps even to American College ball.

I’m can’t blame folks who’ve been brainwashed into “Checovs”
Sure that EVERYTHING that’s great comes from the “fatherland”
But the unique nature of the CFL
And it’s innate and marvelous qualities
Seem entirely lost on these folks.

So we see Demi-God Devine streaking towards the endzone
Finally…JUSTICE prevails and he gets his natural due
THE WORLD will see just how great Noel Devine is


See Noel (and Dan)
If there’s one thing this league has is speed
You’d think you’d have figured that out
After trying (and failing) to turn the corner on returns
The last 2 years.

If Popp had the respect for and connections in the CFL
That he has in the States
And especially the instinct for talent
Then a guy like Dickenson
Would now be head coach of the Alouettes
Instead of a washed-out college Head Coach in exile


[i]Wait, what?!!? Thought it was all Calvillo’s fault. Isn’t that would you have been arguing? The coaches are good, but Calvillo is bringing the team down. And, everyone is a fool for not seeing the obvious.

So now you’re saying that the coaches are no good? :roll: [/i]

Enfin une performance sans marotte.

Dickenson aurait été un bon candidat, mais je suis loin d’être certain que Dickenson aurait voulu venir à Montréal. Il a l’air de beaucoup apprécier son poste à Calgary.

J’ai idée que c’est à Calgary qu’il va être entraîneur-chef, avant longtemps.

Oh que oui, la table lui est mise à Calgary. En tant que quart-arrière, Dickenson avait beaucoup de facilité. Il n’avait pas le bras le plus puissant ou plus précis mais en terme de lecture de jeu, il était vastement supérieur à la moyenne. Je ne suis pas surpris de voir qu’il est devenu un bon coordonateur à l’attaque.

Folks said the same exact thing about Milanovich.
Imagine the stink if it was suggested he’d be Toronto’s next head coach…
While Mila was in Montreal?

There’s only so many head coaching jobs in the CFL
Who knows how long Huf is going to keep it up in Calgary?
I doubt Dave Dickenson would have turned the job down
If Popp had offered the same kind of “plumb” he gave Trestman.

The thing I like about Dickenson
Even when he was quarterback
Is that he’s a thinker
Not only does he know the CFL inside and out
But as a QB he had patience and maturity
And was infuriatingly calm and efficient

All qualities that will serve him well as a Head Coach.


Effectivement, ce serait un candidat très intéressant.

Pour ce qui est de Milanovitch, il ne faut pas perdre de vue qu’il avait été interviewé par les Argonauts l’année où ils ont opté pour Barker. Ça montrait au moins son intérêt pour le poste.