The first game this season I can't get on TV and look how it turns out. I demand excellent commentary from you guys. Were the Als that good, or the Esks that bad? Why was Detrich playing most of the game? Imoh get hurt? Post, post, post!

You can say that the whole team was outstanding on every aspect. AC got a 86% ratio, 414 yds and no ints. The D line put enormous pressure on RR and caused many fumbles. Duval was 4/4 and the special teams also caused a couple of turnovers. Jamal Richardson again with a couple of big plays, Watkins and Cahoon also above 100 yds. Imoh got hurt but returned, Diedrick was also having a great game. I do not know why they continued with Diedrick instead of Imoh, I guess they wanted to give him a shot. Things were going so great that they finally pulled AC at the end and used Brady for a couple of plays (however they were only runs, and they could have done it earlier). It was a massacre and a lot of fun to watch.

Marc Trestman called in the dawgs with 12 minutes left in the game. Wow!

Congrats Als!

What a great game! I really would like to hear what the negative people have to say after this one! :wink:

He moved out 8)

The most unbelieveable is how last week, nothing was going Montreal's way, this week, everything was going our way. For example when Duval kicked off, the ball bounced at the 1 yard line, rather than it go through the endzone, it rolled around the 1.

Calvillo's pass to Watkins in the corner of the endzone was one of the nicest plays this season for this team. Who said A.C is useless on the run? I've always said he was underrated when it comes to using his legs. Also, his rainbow pass to Richardson was a beauty. Definately A.C's best performance this season. I wonder what it would of been like with Cobourne in the backfield.

I couldn't make it today to the game, but it was great to finally hear the respect the Als deserve from the TSN pannel. Normally it's all about Winnipeg and Toronto, but Duane Ford is the best when it comes to not being bias.

Great game. The down side, is they meet again. Edmonton will remember this game until then.

Als dominated this one, smoked Edmonton four ways from Sunday, and the game was over halfway through the second quarter. And get this: the 40-4 final score actually FLATTERED the Eskimos.

I'll happily eat crow and admit I was wrong on this one. I thought we'd get pummeled. Instead, we did the pummeling.

Hmm, our secondary looked so much better with Boulay and Hendrix in for Kizer and Smith. It's nice to be right about something. :wink: