Unbelievable! Simply Unbelievable!

I would not have believed it if I had not watched it with my own eyes. 3rd and 9 on their own side of the field, the game is tied with just seconds to play and they go for a fake punt??

Who had the brain fart? I cannot believe it. I'm still in disbelief as I post this message. All they needed was to get a great punt off and hold Saskatchewan deep. Saskatchewan would have been in a hurry up offense and if Toronto held them to a two and out Toronto would get the ball back. Even if Saskatchewan got a couple of first downs a lot of the clock would have been eaten off.

If this play was called from the bench by the "Don" then he must have been on something. If it was dreamt up by the punting team I hope they send the genius to Siberia.

What a chance for B.C. to rest its starters tomorrow. Obviously the "boatmen" were on the Titanic!

Saskatchewan has lead a charmed life this year. The Winnipeg game and now this. I want to see what "the don" says when questioned about this. In all my years this is one of the most idiotic decisions I have seen. The east is hopeless

Yup, this would have taken a huge load off their chest, now they have to win in Calagary which is not going to happen, too many injuries and Sask is not going to lose at home for the playoff game.

Worst of all, if by some miracle the Lions do beat Calagary they only have 6 days to sell tickets.

Calgary has nothing to play for, don't count BC out. They are playing a lot better than they did when they locked up early in the year. As for Saskatchewan, they have a real quarterback problem. BC won't let them off the hook like Toronto did.

I can't believe you people were expecting the Argos to help the Lions out. The Argos are horrible and I knew they would blow it. Good on the Argos for the loss. Will be that much sweeter if the Lions win against the Stamps then we won't have to hear about how the Riders had to lose for the Lions to clinch home field.

I don't think anyone said they were "expecting" Toronto to win Lionbacker. On the contrary. But I for one was sure hoping they would win. And they almost did! But I have to hand it to the moron who came up with the brilliant idea to gamble on 3rd and 9.

Yep, it will be sweet if B.C. beats Calgary on Saturday. At least now it will be a meaningful game to watch. But just remember Clermont is out, Roberts is gone (remember he replaced Smith), Pearce is hobbling, Jurius Jackson sometimes can't seem to see the whole field and B.C.s secondary is getting even more defensive when it comes to answering reporters questions.

With Calgary in top spot, B.C. has a better chance of winning the game because like someone said earlier, Calgary will likely play conservatively and rest some of its key players early in the game.

Let's just hope that B.C. doesn't sustain more injuries when they play Calgary or it will be a cake walk for Saskatchewan.

what's with the negative waves?jj played great coming into relief.

Don mathews quit.The Don is packing up and conceding old age,or being out of touch.Check out CFL blitz.I'm too comp.illiterate to provide a link.I've also been called just plain illiterate.

He's old man. He needs to pack it in and take care of his health and enjoy life. He has contributed enough to the CFL.